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The Hottie Stop interviews E.G. Daily - aka Dottie from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure!

11.15.2013by: Eric Walkuski

You might remember her lighting up the 80s screen as "Dottie" from PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE or Loryn in VALLEY GIRL. Or perhaps she's familiar to you thanks to her adorable voice, heard in Tommy Pickles on "Rugrats", Babe in BABE: PIG IN THE CITY, Buttercup in "Powerpuff Girls" and countless others. One way or another, you're familiar with E.G. Daily (real name: Elizabeth), whether you've known it or not. She's probably the hardest working woman in the voice-over industry today, with over a hundred cartoons and animated movies to her credit. She's also a singer, songwriter and stage actress.

Most recently, E.G. took a chance and went on NBC's "The Voice," usually a spot for amateurs and up-and-comers attempt to make a splash. E.G. wowed the judges with her rendition of Faith Hill's "Breath" (you can watch it below) and further wowed them when she revealed who she actually is. It's a pretty cool couple of minutes.

It was a no-brainer to insist on chatting with E.G. - if only to hear that voice for myself - and talk about her long career in several entertainment industries. We talked about her brave decision to appear on "The Voice" and what it meant for her, the PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE experience, her fondness for chocolate and in what instance she would eat a shoe (hey, she brought it up).

So you were recently on The Voice which was kind of an interesting choice considering you've been established in the movie and TV industries for year. What was the motivation?

I never considered putting myself on that show, but a woman I met at a party asked me to sing a song for her at a show. The next thing I know, she gets me an audition for "The Voice." And I said, "Oh I don't know about that. I'm a little more established than the people they usually have on that show." And she said it didn't matter, they liked my voice. I had a record deal, but it was in the 80s. But it didn't matter. I would like to say that I'm a trendsetter for people who have maybe had some success in their lives, but still have this dream but maybe think, Oh, it's been a while... It was really just to challenge myself and have fun. I could have fallen on my face and had no chairs turn, but it was worth the risk and the payoff was tremendous.

Did it feel in a way like you were turning over a new page?

It kind of did, but it felt like I was turning over a new page two years before that. I just had some real internal life changes and wanted to start doing what I love to do and stop making excuses about age or numbers or what I've done in the past. My life started turning over because of that, because of a mid-life crisis feeling. What that did was confirm I had to get back on track with what made me happy, which is singing every day and writing music. And "The Voice" helped with that, and it gave me a huge platform to let everyone in the world know, "Ohmygod this is EG Daily, who we've grown up with in PEE-WEE's BIG ADVENTURE", and all the things I've done with my voice-over work. And this is who I am today.

You've been a singer for a long while, but has this made you want to turn your attention to music fully?

I'm definitely doing it more actively. I'm getting more opportunities to sing at things that matter. It's made me think, Gosh this is something people like that I do. I mean, they like the other stuff, the cartoons and voices... but singing is something I'm doing more actively because I love it.

Who was the coolest person you met on The Voice?

There are so many, it's such a hard question. There were ADs on that show that I fell in love with as human beings. My roommate I had a bond with, she's so sweet and beautiful. Everyone I met on that show was incredible.

How about out of the judges? Of course you were on "Team Blake" [Shelton].

I love Blake.  Not only is he funny and wry and witty, but he's so good at music. I have so much respect for him, because he's so real. Christina [Aguilera] I have so much respect for. She's so talented, and she's beautiful. I feel like she's really changed, she had a life transformation, something shifted in her and her energy is brighter and happier. And Adam [Levine] is super adorable. (Laughs)


Who is your favorite musical artist?

I love Coldplay, I think their music is fun and they're really fun. I like country music, so I love Rascal Flatts, some of his stuff is amazing. Even Miranda Lambert, I like some of her songs. I like Keith Urban, he's a little bit edgier.

You were of course in Pee Wee's Big Adventure; none of us could ever forget Dottie. Have any great Paul Reubens stories? What was that set like?

Pee-Wee was tweeting me the whole time I was doing "The Voice"! He came over here recently and we took a whole bunch of fun pictures. He's so cute. If you look at my Twitter feed you'll see some pictures of us.

But anyway, we didn't know what to expect when we were making that movie. I didn't have any expectations, I knew that Tim Burton was a new up-and-doing director but he hadn't made a film yet, just some shorts, but I knew he was a genius. I remember walking onto this huge soundstage and it was Pee-Wee's kitchen, and I'm such a kid, my eyes got huge. It was pretty incredible. After we filmed I kind of forgot about it, and then it came out and became a huge hit. You never know. I didn't know that was going to be a huge movie. But it has the most incredible soundtrack of all time, right?

Of course! And was Paul Reubens a method actor on set, was he always in character as Pee-Wee?

He would get quiet and calm as Paul, but usually if he had the suit on he was pretty much in character. He's such an incredible man, he's a real sweetheart.

Are you a fitness buff?

I'm a big fan of Cardio Barre. It's a workout a lot of women do, it's kind of ballet-based. I was a dancer when I was a little girl so it just ind of works well for my body type, because I'm little. Cardio Barre keeps me lean and mean and tiny. Well, I'll always be tiny, but it keeps me lean and mean. All the women who work out at Cardio Barre, you see their bodies transform before your eyes.

What is your favorite comfort food, or guilty pleasure?

I like sushi. I like chocolate chip cookies when they're warm and chewy. I like french fries, and I like ketchup. I'll put ketchup on a shoe and eat it. What's your comfort food?

Hmm. I might have to say something like eggplant parmesan.

I love eggplant parmesan!

Will you eat whatever, or do you monitor what you eat?

I don't really eat red meat, I'll eat it once a year, and it has to be organic. It's so inhumane how they treat the animals. I feel weird about it, but I like it to be honest with you. I love it, I love a really good steak once in a while, but I don't feel good about it. I still think my body needs it, it works better with it. If I don't have protein I get too tiny, and I don't like to be too tiny. But I like chocolate! Dark chocolate with almonds in it, I love that. I'm not weird, I let myself eat all kinds of things, I just balance it well.

The ultimate question: who is your current - or all time - celebrity crush?

Wow, let me think. (Long pause) That's a really good question, there are so many. A lot of those guys are my friends, like Brad Pitt was my friend, I think he's amazing. I haven't seen him in a while, but I would say… I'm going to say all the guys in voice-over. How about that? All the men in voice-over, because they're all so unbelievably talented, and hilarious. That just rocks my world: funny and talented rocks my world.

E.G. sings "Breath" on "The Voice"

You can check out E.G.'s homepage right HERE and follow her on Twitter right HERE.

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