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The Hottie Stop interviews Chloe Bridges from Nightlight

03.30.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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The name Chloe Bridges didn't really resonate for me when I first heard it, but that's only probably due to the fact I'm not in my 20s anymore. (Sad as that is to admit.) For a younger age group, Ms. Bridges is definitely a recognizable name, thanks to turns in CAMP ROCK 2 (and her subsequent BFF status with star Demi Lovato), the Sex and the City prequel The Carrie Diaries and her current role in the immensely popular Pretty Little Liars. Bridges popped up on my radar - and I'm glad she did - because of the horror film NIGHTLIGHT, which sees her playing a mean girl who's idea to set a prank in the woods at night goes predictably awry when supernatural entities spoil the fun. Don't you hate that?

I recently spoke to Chloe about her role in the film, as well as what really scares her, popping up in the gossip columns, going back to school and the struggles of watching yourself on TV.


What can you tell me about your role in Nightlight?

I play Mia, who is one of the five friends who are the subject of this film. She's kind of the more entitled of the bunch, she definitely thinks she's superior to the other ones. She has a crush on one of the boys and that's kind of the catalyst for what happens in the film, because it's sort of her idea to get everyone in the woods because she hopes the other girl Robin will appear terrified in the woods and look less attractive to the boys. So it starts off with some high school drama and progresses into much more than that.

Obviously her plan backfires.

Yeah, exactly, I don't think she meant for it to take off the way it does.

Have you ever gone to such extreme lengths to get a boy interested in you?

No, I have not. [Laughs] The closest I've ever gotten I guess is I went camping once, and I'm not a huge fan of camping, but I didn't go to any scary, haunted woods.


You must be less of a fan of the woods after NIGHTLIGHT.

Oh yeah. We spent about a month every night in the woods in the woods, we'd start at sunset and go until sunrise. It was fun, but I don't know if I want to be in the woods again anytime soon.

What's the scariest real-life thing to happen to you?

I haven't really had any near-death experiences, I guess I should knock on wood. Nothing particularly terrifying has happened to me. And I have friends who have encountered the supernatural or they believe in ghosts or something like that, and I have't had any experiences like that. The closest I got was the Tower of Terror at Disney World.

 What were you scared of growing up?

I have a weird fear of fire. I saw a movie when I was young and the house burned down and to me that was the scariest thing in the world. To this day I kind of have a fear of big houses, only because I'm afraid I'm going to get stuck on the second or third floor if there's a fire. I mean, there's definitely scarier stuff than fires, but that one really hits home for me. 

You've done some TV work as well as film, do you have a preference?  

I don't really have a preference, but I do like doing TV because I like sitting with the same character for a while and really getting to know that character. I'm a creature of habit so I'm a big fan of the routing that comes with a TV schedule. But then, the films I've done have been some of the greatest times of my life, you know, you go on location with people your age and you're staying in a hotel- I mean, we had a great time on this film.


Do you like watching yourself in movies and TV or do you avoid it?

Not a huge fan of it. I've definitely waited until the eleventh hour to watch something I'm in; I'm curious to see how it turned out, but I'm not looking forward to seeing my face. [Laughs] I love watching TV and I love watching films, but seeing myself takes me out of the experience and instead I'm being critical of my appearance or my performance or what I could have done differently, et cetera. It's hard to be completely objective when it's you.

What would you be doing if you weren't acting?

Well, I'm going to school right now, kind of, and I'm studying political science, but I don't know. I haven't ruled out doing something later in life. Maybe just stay in the industry but a different part of it, an office job. Wear a suit to work.

Is it tough balancing school and your career?

I don't go the full year. I went to fall semester and I took this semester off to work and audition. I kind of take turns between my academic life and my work life.

Are you going back because you missed out on the full school experience when you were younger?

I was able to stay in school a good bit, actually. I missed my senior year of high school, but throughout and in between, because I went to a regular public school. But I'm not going to replace that experience, education has always been important to me. Back then it was important to me that I try to stay in regular school. If I can get a degree, why not?


When I first googled your name, a bunch of gossip sites came up; what do you think about being featured on sites like that, ones that are involved in your personal life?

It doesn't bother me, perhaps because so much of it is blatantly false. Some of it's completely accurate, which is fine, but some of it's like, where did they even get that stuff? One site said I dated Cody Linley for like two years or something, and I was like, I've hung out with that guy maybe once. I'm sure if you asked him who Chloe Bridges is, he'd be like, "Who?" [Laughs] For some reason the internet thinks we dated for multiple years. So sometimes it's just funny, but it can be weird too, like, "Oh, you can just google that about me."

Do you google yourself?

I have Twitter, so a lot of times it's tweeted at me, so I feel like I see a good bit of what's about me out there through that, but I definitely do not google myself. I think I learned my lesson about that a long time ago. It goes back to that feeling of watching yourself on TV, like, "Oh, god, that's a horrible photo of my." You just have no control over it. And it's always the worst photo of you that is the first to come up. It's not like social media, where you can put up the good pictures of yourself, it's just like, "That's what people see when they google me? Gross."

Who is one actor or actress you'd love to work with?

Ohh I don't know. I can't think of a particular one off the top of my head. The list is extensive. All of them. [Laughs] I'm casting a pretty wide net here.


Who is your all-time celebrity crush?

Oh gosh. I mean, I'm definitely on the Chris Pratt train right now.

Of course, I'm hearing that a lot nowadays.

Yes, yes.

What have you got coming up that you're excited about?

I just finished an arc on the MTV show Faking It, I don't know the premiere date though, hopefully soon. And then just seeing where it goes from there.

Cool. Well, thank you for your time. Good luck with work and school and everything else.

Thanks so much!


NIGHTLIGHT is currently in select theaters and on VOD. You can follow Chloe on Twitter right HERE and on Instagram right HERE.  

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