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The Hottie Stop interviews Carlson Young, star of Scream: The TV Series!

05.30.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Carlson Young may have killer looks, but don't accuse her of being a killer. At least, not yet. The gorgeous young actress is one of several suspects on MTV's Scream: The TV Series, which kicks off its second season Monday, May 30th. Carlson plays popular rich girl Brooke Maddox on the series, and even though she survived the first season she's still a potential threat on the show. This is Scream, after all, and everybody's a suspect. That said, this could also be her swan song.

In addition to Scream, Carlson has appeared on many TV shows, including Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and Key and Peele (she reoccurs as "Jacquelin" in the Substitute Teacher sketches). When I spoke to her she was on the New Orleans set of Scream and no, she doesn't know yet if she's the knife-wielding psycho. That didn't stop me from investigating further on that front, and a few others... 

I heard you're currently in production?

Yes, we are. We're in New Orleans shooting the new season.

How's it going so far?

I'm not sure how much I can say. [Laughs] It's going really well.

Are you the killer? You can let me know.

You know, I think the jury's still out on every single person in the cast. We don't know.

Is it one of those deals where the person who's playing the killer doesn't even know until the end?

I think last year they didn't tell the killer until episode five or six. Kinda early on, but I'm not sure about this season. We're all totally suspicious of each other during every episode.

Does that change the way you act in scenes, because you may be playing the killer and you don't even realize it?

Absolutely. I feel like the show is set up so that every character has sketchy stuff going on at all times. That's Scream, everyone's motives are kind of questionable.

For people who haven't seen the first season yet, what can you tell us about who the character is and what she's gone through?

In the first season she's the mayor's daughter and she's kind of a popular bitch. You get from the pilot that she's really fierce and, you know, she's a bitch! I made it my mission throughout the course of the first season to really break that down and show that there are more sides to this girl. She uses her sexuality a lot which is quite an interesting thing for a person to do at a young age. [Laughs] I think she's got pretty big daddy issues. In Season Two, I think you'll be able to appreciate the character a little more.

Not counting her negative character traits, can you relate to her at all? Are you similar to her in any way?

There's having really close friends in high school, I definitely had that. She's got a lot of snarky behavior to her; I would be lying if I said I didn't have that naturally. [Laughs] She's really, really fun to play. 

Were you popular in high school?

I mean, I don't really know if I was. I had friends in high school, but I went to the kind of school where everyone was together from kindergarten to 12th grade. I think there were cliques and popular groups. I don't know if I could say if I was or wasn't popular. I had friends, it was fun. I wouldn't go back. [Laughs]

Did Scream the movie have an impact on your life when it first came out?

Most definitely. I don't know how old I was, 12 or 13, when I saw the first Scream. I just remember thinking about how incredibly different it was from anything else I had seen. I just loved how meta and self-aware it was, but I'm not sure I fully appreciated it. Getting the audition for the series made me check them all out again and fully appreciate them. They're really great.

How do you stay focused when shooting in New Orleans, which is such a great, crazy city.

Last season we were in Baton Rouge, and this is a major upgrade. New Orleans is the best place ever; it has the best food in the country, I think. I haven't really found it that distracting, but I've been on Bourbon St. a couple times, which has been fun, but I try to stay away from the French Quarter until we finish the show. [Laughs]

Do you think you have a strength in one genre, like drama or comedy? Is there something you'd like to do more of?

Before Scream I had a couple of guest star roles that were definitely comedic, but I've also done drama. I feel like I can do both, but I'd love to do more comedy just because this show happens to be a little more on the drama side for me. 

You're in some of the most famous Key and Peele sketches, the substitute teacher, what was it like being a part of those and what's it like working with those guys?

I can say that when I was first shooting that sketch I had no earthly idea anyone was going to see it. I knew that the show was good and people liked it. After the fact, when my parents were calling me and saying, "Oh my god, our friends saw your sketch and they thought it was hilarious!" I knew it was super popular when it was on my parents' friends' feeds. That's the mark of going internet viral. They are so funny, I'm just in awe of them. They're the best.

I hope to see you in another one if they ever revive the show.


Do you ever get that on the street, are you recognized for that?

No joke, yes. I'll be at a stoplight and someone will pull up and say, "It's Jay-quellin!" If I've done nothing else in my life, I'm Jay-quellin. 

You can follow Carlson on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. Buy the first season of Scream HERE.

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