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The Hottie Stop interviews Bounty Killer star Christian Pitre

09.06.2013by: Eric Walkuski

There's a new sexy asskicker in town, and her name is Christian Pitre. The actress plays a gun-toting assassin in the new post-apocalyptic action film BOUNTY KILLER (in theaters and available On Demand starting September 6th), based on a short film of the same name which also starred Ms. Pitre. Having seen the film, I can assure you that Christian makes a case for being a serious contender for "hottest gal most likely to knock you to the ground" in the movies.

I was lucky enough to talk to Christian about her newfound role as uber-badass, being stuck sitting next to Gary Busey (who co-stars in the film), whether or not she's ever beaten someone down in real life, and what she did when she met her Hollywood crush, Leonardo DiCaprio.

So tell me about your character, Mary Death, in BOUNTY KILLER. She's pretty badass.

She's a bounty killer, the most famous of the bounty killers in the world. She has decided she wants to put the world back the way it was when she was a child. A lot of people say she's so bad, and what I say is, she's badass. And unless you're a bad guy, she's not going to kill you for no reason.

This was based on a short film that you were also in - how cool is it that it got made into a movie and now it's getting released?

It's absolutely. Obviously this is what we all hoped for when we made the short, and most of us thought that it was going to get picked up and made into a feature. Everyone gave one thousand percent on the short and knew that Henry [Saine, the director] had a really cool project, and we were hoping he'd keep us on board for the feature, which he did and it's fantastic.

Did you get to keep your sexy costume?

No, and I wouldn't want to. I think every costume I wore is completely covered in blood now. We kept all of them and kept looking for one that didn't have a stab mark or hole in it or blood all over it. I think by now you they can probably stand up on their own.

Gary Busey is in the film; do you have a great Gary Busey story?

(Laughs) We were so busy shooting that one day, but there was definitely a moment when I was walking back to change or something and he just grabbed me and said "Mary Death, come over here!" And I was like, "ohhh I don't know if I have time," and he said "sit here!" and I said "Okay, yes sir." Within the next fifteen minutes of sitting there, he told me his whole life story, about him dying twice and everything that he's been through. He talks about some really interesting things. It was fun, but I remember at one point my costar Matthew was walking by and I was just sitting there alone with Busey and I said, "Matthew where you headed? Come over here and sit down!" I thought I couldn't be the only one hearing this stuff, someone else had to join me.

If the world was thrust into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, do you think you'd be kickin' ass and shooting people?

I don't know, I'm a country girl so I might be one of those people who build a cabin in the woods near a river. I've had a lot of people ask me that though, and I think if I needed a job, maybe I would take up being Mary Death. I don't know if her spurs would work out in real life though.

Did you have to get in super great shape for this, considering all of the fight scenes?

It was pretty difficult. I had never done martial arts before this, but I'm good at learning choreographed dancing, and it's kind of like learning a dance. But in general I'm a runner and a hiker, I just stay active. I've got an 8-year-old, so that keeps me active all the time. But I learned martial arts in four months for this.

Have you ever been in a real fight?

I haven't! I watch a lot of MMA fighting, and I kind of want to do it, but I want to say "just don't hit my face." I enjoyed the physical challenge of learning how to fit for the movie, it releases that energy. I did end up busting my eye during the filming, and I didn't feel it at all, and they were like, "are you alright?" and I said, "yeah it's fine let's just keep shooting." I really did not feel it at all, but then I pulled my hair back and there was blood coming out. It didn't hurt until the next day, and then I was like, "ahhh okay." So I think if I ever do get into a real fight, I won't worry about it because your adrenaline keeps you going. Have you ever been in a real fight?

No, I haven't. I don't think my face could handle it. I try to avoid them.

(Laughs) Me too. I'm the least confrontational person you'll ever meet. I'll take a lot before I'm pushed to the point where I have to fight someone.

What do you do for fun?

I'm one hundred percent a family person. I love just spending time with my husband and daughter, or having my mother come out to visit. Like I said, I'm a country girl, so my favorite place in the entire world right now is a river about three hours from here, the King's River. Chilling out in nature and being around family. It doesn't take much, I'm easily pleased.

What is your favorite action movie?

The action movies that I've been introduced to before this were just the mainstream movies that everyone would see, THE AVENGERS and that kind of thing. I hadn't really thought about doing this kind of movie myself. But now I'm really excited to be introduced to this whole world that I wasn't aware of before.

Do you wonder if now you'll be typecast as "the badass chick", like a Kate Beckinsale or Milla Jovovich?

I can already see what you said happening, which is totally fine with me. Honestly there aren't that many actresses out there who want to do this sort of thing, the stunts every day and getting beat up. I don't blame them, but I really enjoy it, and as long as I can physically do it I'd love to do these. It would be great. There's always time for drama when I'm old, or when I'm tired. (Laughs)

I have to ask my favorite question: who is your celebrity crush?

For me one hundred percent it's Leonardo DiCaprio. It has been since I was a girl. And I was on set with him once, I was doing a small part as a stewardess in INCEPTION, and I couldn't even make eye contact with him. My mom was so disappointed; she asked me what I said to Leonardo when I met him, and I told her nothing, he was so overwhelmingly handsome. She was like, "I am so disappointed in you, your whole life you told me what you were going to do when you met him." I was like, I can't just grab him! It's not just about how handsome he is, he's just a good actor, and anybody who is that good at what they do is very attractive.

Well I appreciate your time, and good luck with BOUNTY KILLER!

Thank you!

Watch Christian in the BOUNTY KILLER trailer!

Check out Christian on Twitter right HERE and her Facebook page HERE. You can also see the official BOUNTY KILLER Facebook page HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Check out BOUNTY KILLER on VOD right now!
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9:32AM on 09/07/2013
So Gorgeous.
So Gorgeous.
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3:02PM on 09/06/2013
Very sexy and cool!
Very sexy and cool!
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1:07PM on 09/06/2013
She looks so much hotter as a blonde.
She looks so much hotter as a blonde.
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