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The Hottie Stop interviews Bella Thorne, star of Ratchet and Clank and Shake It Up

04.18.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Few 18-year-olds are as in the public eye as Bella Thorne. Whether some of that's self-imposed is easy enough to figure out - just check out her Instagram and Twitter pages for constant updates on the teenager's comings, goings, and outfits - but there's no arguing that Ms. Thorne is a major focus for not only the gossip rags and paparazzi, but for an entire generation of young fans (11 million followers on Instagram, 6.32 million followers on Twitter.) Though she had been acting since she was just 6, Bella broke out thanks to her turn on the Disney Channel's Shake It Up (and a subsequent Disney produced hit single with co-star Zendaya), which was followed by roles in films such as FRENEMIES (another Disney production), BLENDED and ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (yep, Disney again). Whether or not she's ultimately best known for being in TMZ and the like remains to be seen, but Thorne's profile continues to rise at the moment regardless of why.

Later this month, you'll be able to hear Bella's voice soon in RATCHET AND CLANK, an animated film based on the popular video game series (she plays tomboyish Cora, one of the "Galactic Rangers"). Bella took some time out to chat with me about her role in the animated adventure, her unpopular early years, rediscovering her Spanish roots and the perils of being famous at such a young age.  

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

Were you familiar with Ratchet and Clank before signing on to do the movie?

Yes, I was actually familiar with the game beforehand, my brother played it a little bit growing up. But he was more interested in violent video games. I never really played them, I just loved to watch, so I just watched it. 

So you're not a gamer?

No, wouldn't say I'm a gamer, but I'd watch the gamers game.

What would your favorite game be?

Probably Mortal Kombat.

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

Your character in the movie is kind of a badass, what can you tell me about her and how did you connect to her?

Oh my god, yes, it was so easy to connect to this character! Her personality it a bit more to the limit than mine is, but we're totally the same, you know, a tomboy and can kick some ass, lot of attitude, knows what to do.

What did you think of the animated version of you? Did you have any input on what she looked like?

I took the role after the character was already created, but I wouldn't change a single thing about her, she's a total badass.

You've done some voice-over work in the past, is that something you enjoy?

It's great that you can show up without make-up, you don't have to look good, you can look however you want. The bad thing is, we're already coming to these characters, we're just stepping into them, so you don't get to create the character as much. It's a little bit of a challenge.

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

Was acting what you always wanted to do, even when you were very small?

I always wanted to be an actress growing up, but everyone told me it would never happen because I'm dyslexic. But here I am, laughing it off. I just met this guy yesterday, he went to school with me, he was like, "We went to school together, we were homies!" I really wanted to be like, "No, you weren't my homey, because I had no friends. So, liar!"

So you weren't the cool kid growing up?

No, not so much. I was never popular growing up. Spanish was my first language and they didn't think that was cool in the school I went to, so I had to drop Spanish to learn English. So now, people don't consider me Latin because I can't speak Spanish anymore.

Do you ever think about picking up Spanish again?

Yes, I do. It's been hard because it brings back some not so great memories, but I'm growing up, I'm getting over it, I'm ready. The hardest part, I think, is when I hear myself talk, I just feel like I don't sound Latin. That makes me angry, and that makes me not want to speak it because I want to have a perfect accent. I have to get the accent right or I'll never feel totally comfortable speaking it.

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

I guess I can understand that, but you should just do what makes you happy.

Yeah, I know. I'll pick it up. A few years ago, me and my brother went to Columbia for a week and I completely memorized it again, and then I went home and never spoke it to anybody and completely forgot it again.

Is being famous at such a young age ever difficult?

It's definitely difficult being in the public eye. I think it's very difficult when you're expected to be somebody that you're not. Everybody wanted me to be so innocent and so sweet and so perfect, and that's never been me. So when people saw that it wasn't me, that it was a character I've played, it was some big shock. I was just trying to be me the entire time, but when you're 13 growing up in the spotlight with so much competition and so many people telling me what I should and shouldn't do, it's hard. But that's when I really started being me and not caring what people think, you know? If somebody likes me, I'm glad, if they don't like me, I'm glad too, because I was being me, so there was nothing I could have done wrong. Now that I'm 18, I feel like I'm being even more myself, it's that age where you find yourself and I think I have.

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

Do you ever read about yourself in the tabloids?

You know what I like to read? TMZ, because their shit is funny! When they talk shit about me, I literally laugh. I think the jokes they make are pretty legit. I called them out one time; they reported I was on the beach frolicking around in all these different bikinis and paparazzi were shooting me, and I tweeted them and said they're wrong, I was shooting the cover of a magazine. Not frolicking around in all these tiny pieces of clothing.

What have been some of the craziest things that they've written about you that simply weren't true?

Oh my god, I had this Chanel phone case with cigarettes on it, it was pink and so fake-looking. And TMZ, here they go again, start talking shit and saying I'm smoking cigarettes. I had to tell them that it's obviously a phone case, look at all these other photos that you didn't publish where you can see I'm holding a phone. What's another thing? Oh, people say I don't eat, that I'm anorexic. It's crazy, I literally eat everything, I'll eat anything in front of me.

They're obviously not there to take pics of that. Thanks for all your time, Bella.

Thank you so much, bye!

Bella Thorne hot sexy photo shoot Disney

RATCHET AND CLANK will be released in theaters on April 29th. You can follow Bella on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.  

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