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The Hottie Stop interviews Annalynne McCord, star of Scorned

02.03.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Annalynne McCord has a knack for playing sexy, outrageous characters - see her turns in "Nip/Tuck," "90210," and "Dallas" if you want some saucy evidence - but she's never quite gone where she goes in SCORNED before. Playing a woman who dishes out brutal justice after she learns her fiancé is sleeping with her best friend, McCord turns up the crazy levels to 11 and clearly relishes her role, which asks her to break a woman's hand in a vice, fry Zane's eyeballs and toss a puppy into a microwave. (Don't worry, that last one she does just for the scare factor.)

I spoke to Annalynne, who happens to be a rather sweet, polite southern girl, about her SCORNED shenanigans, the craziness of southern gals, and the surprising fact that, despite her characters' propensity for wildness, she happens to be quite boring. (Her word, not mine.)

You really aren't afraid to go over the top in SCORNED, which is fun to watch. It must have been fun to play…

Yeah, it was a lot of fun. It's definitely that kind of cult genre movie where you have license to go a little crazy with it.

Was it fun to torture Billy Zane?

Oh my god, so much fun. (Laughs) You don't even know, it was so much fun.

You didn't go method with it, did you, like keep going after the director yelled "Cut"?

Depends on how naughty Billy was being. We really went into that side of it, so sometimes we would just go, and it was awesome.

I wonder how "into" it you get when you're going into that mindset of being so crazed…

I always thought actors who go quote-unquote method and all that stuff were just BSing the public, like trying to make more of this than it actually is. I mean, we just pretend and five-year-olds do it for free, is what I always say. But on this film and another film I did a few years ago called EXCISION, I found out how accidentally method I might be. Maybe because the other characters I've played haven't been quite so evil. (Laughs) I think what happens to me is that it seeps over, so I have to remind myself when I'm leaving, "I'm Annalynne, leave Sadie at the door for SCORNED, and leave Pauline at the door for EXCISION." I do go into it, but it's not like "I'm going into my character now!" It happens in a very subtle way and it kind of seeps over.

It's probably hard to put yourself in this woman's shoes - but in your darkest fantasies could you ever contemplate going to these extremes to torment a cheating ex?

I mean, every woman has. (Laughs) I specifically picked a southern accent because I wanted to embellish it, because also because southern women are crazy ones. I'm from the south. This is obviously that kind of campy, fun horror that you can laugh at. I think what was fun about this, for the sake of film purposes - please do not do this at home! - is that kind of idea where someone hurts you so badly, your ego takes over. You think it's the end of the world, and everything at the end of the world is life and death. So it's ironic that people will forget all of the love they supposedly had for this person, and now they're willing to end their lives. I think we take that fantasy to a whole different level. Certainly when I saw it, I laughed so hard.

Certainly you'd never dream of throwing a puppy into a microwave..?

That was a hard thing for me. I'm an animal lover. Obviously we had a little plastic dog standing in for the real dog, but we had to put the real dog into the microwave and shut the door for a second, it was hard for me. Obviously, that's a whole 'nother level of crazy.

Your character likes to chug whiskey from the bottle - is that something you're able to do?

I've actually never had alcohol in my whole life. It's ironic, because I've played so many alcoholics and drug addicts, and I've never done anything. I'll channel one of my sisters for that - no, just kidding! I'm the most boring person ever, but I'll be your designated driver. I can have a helluva time, but I just don't drink. I think it's because I'm a control freak, I like to be in my own state of mind and know what I'm doing.

Well at least you get to experience it through all these characters you play.

Oh yeah! I mean, I couldn't even count how many times I've played somebody who just adores alcohol!

You've done an equal amount of movies and TV lately - which do you prefer?

You know, it's funny. I've done a lot of indies. Working for the studio - look, everyone is excited if the studio comes knocking on the door and offers you a big movie - but these past couple of years I realized I don't support those films. None of the films they're making I care to watch. The storytelling in the films that I grew up on in the 90s, they're just not in the major films anymore. It's kind of sad to me, I really don't go to movies. I turn on my iPad and watch back-to-back episodes of whatever TV show I'm into, "American Horror Story," "Dexter," "Homeland," whatever. That's really where my interest goes.

What do you do for fun when you're not working?

Being the boring, non-vice individual that I am.. My boyfriend and I actually travel so much that a good time is a stay-cation, where we watch "Pawn Stars." You have no idea how into that show we are. It couldn't be more lame, hanging out with my boyfriend watching "Pawn Stars," but I couldn't think of anything better.

Thank you so much for your time!


Follow Annalynne on her Twitter page right HERE. SCORNED hits Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow, February 4th; you can order it right HERE.

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