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The Hottie Stop interviews Amy Smart, star of Break Point and Crank!

09.14.2015by: Eric Walkuski

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Safe to say Amy Smart is a name you are already quite familiar with. The beautiful blond broke onto the scene in 1999 (after a few years of small appearances in films like Starship Troopers) with a great turn in Varsity Blues - which you know you've seen - and that was quickly followed by roles in Outside Providence, Road Trip, Rat Race and TV's Felicity. A very nice little run that led up to a string of memorable movies like The Butterfly Effect, Just Friends and, of course, the Crank films; the latter proved that Amy was not only a talented actress but a ballsy one at that!

Amy is currently starring in Break Point, a tennis comedy co-written by, and starring, Jeremy Sisto. The actress was charitable enough to spare me a few minutes recently to talk about growing up in L.A., getting started in the business, her most memorable movie experiences and whether or not we're ever going to see Crank 3!


Where are you from originally?

I'm actually from Los Angeles.

Being from Los Angeles, you must have a different impression of it than all the people who've moved there to start a career.

Being from the city, it's not like a I moved here to be a part of Hollywood or start my career. It was definitely easier starting it, but for me it's always been the place I've called home so I feel like I see so many of the opportunities that L.A. offers, as far as the charity work people can do, there's wonderful produce year-round, there are so many natural spots to go to, whether it's the mountains or the ocean or the desert. In all the ways L.A. is out of balance because it's so based in the entertainment industry, you can find a balance outside of all that.

Did growing up there help to inform your becoming an actress, or was that going to happen regardless of where you were born?

I think it definitely informed it. I was a ballerina growing up, from about 4 to 14, I think I got the knack for performing from dancing in front of people. I think what opened up the world of acting for me was, growing up my best friend Vinessa Shaw was acting. I would go to set with her and I really came to understand how movies were being made, how many people were involved, and it was quite intimidating.

Was it a struggle to get started?

I started doing commercials and music videos and modeling work, and actually I did a video with Jared Leto and he's the one who introduced me to my first acting class. At the time I was with a modeling agency that had a theatrical agent who would send some of the models out who wanted to get into acting. So I had that on my side. Getting an agent in Hollywood is so hard, getting good representation is maybe the hardest thing, because it's so competitive and everyone wants to know how to break in and there's no one way to do it. Everyone has sort of a unique experience as to how they got in the business. I think the hardest part is maintaining a career. [Laughs] I was naive, I thought as soon as I got Varsity Blues I'd be set for life. It would be movie role after movie role, that kind of career. Little did I know it was not that way. I mean, I've been fortunate enough to be working, but it doesn't just come without great perseverance.

You're in one of my favorite movies, Starship Troopers. I have to ask if you have any good Paul Verhoeven stories.

Oh wow! He was the most energetic director I've ever worked with. Just high energy. The few scenes I did were in a studio, with a greenscreen, you couldn't see any of these meteors that were supposed to be flying by, of course. But he was just jumping up and down next to the set, describing what was happening, and raising the energy and making it feel super intense and important. [Laughs] He was this bigger-than-life personality, always had a happy disposition.

We should probably talk about Break Point a little. What was appealing about the project and the character?

Jeremy Sisto, to me, has always been a really talented actor, completely underrated. He co-wrote the script, and it wasn't trying to be this massive movie. It's the story of two brothers at odds with each other, and it uses tennis as a background for them to kind of play out their brotherhood and all their issues. It was well-written, character-driven, fun. I just really liked it, so I went in and auditioned and I got the role!

That's always good!

Yeah, I still audition for most things.

Does that get any easier or is it the same as when you were auditioning for your first jobs?

It has definitely gotten easier. I remember going in for one of Aaron Spelling's shows. I went and tested with a bunch of other girls and I just remember my feedback was, "You look like a deer in the headlights!" [Laughs] I had no experience or confidence. But it doesn't get that much easier, because you never know what you're going to walk into, what kind of energy they're going to be bringing from their side. If they're creative, or if they're willing to spend a little bit of time with you with the character, because that's what every actor needs in an audition.

What movie do you get recognized most for?

I feel like it's either The Butterfly Effect, Just Friends or Rat Race.

My editor loves Just Friends, he wanted me to mention it.

Aw! That was such a fun experience, and the coldest I've ever been in my life. [Laughs]

Do you ever watch your own movies when they're on TV?

I do, it captures a moment in your life. I remember where I was personally, emotionally; it's like looking through an old photo album. Like, "Oh yeah, remember when we did this?" I just remember all of the experiences that were surrounding it. It's fun to watch them after there's been some time, because it's like fond, distant memories you can relive for a little bit.

Which of the films you've made is the most important to you, or the one where you had the best experience?

Hard to say. During The Butterfly Effect I was really heartbroken after a relationship and feeling so raw and vulnerable, and I really think that helped me in the role. I felt so raw, and the role really required those kinds of emotions. As an actor, I felt the most challenged in that way. I also loved Just Friends, I really enjoyed working on that movie too. I think it's fun to bring entertainment to people. I love telling stories that move people, and that's fun with dramatic pieces but it's really fun with comedies. 

Do you know when they're finally going to make Crank 3?

That's so funny, I was doing press on the red carpet recently and someone said, "Jason Statham was talking about Crank 3 recently," and I was like, "Really? Nobody told me about this!" I don't know if there's talk about making Crank 3, maybe there is. Have you heard something?

I was hoping you could shed some light on it!

I know, when we were making Crank 2 we were saying, "Let's make Crank 3D!" That sounds kind of fun, but I haven't heard anything.

Were the Crank movies some of the craziest experiences you've ever had?

Yeah, probably. [Laughs] Those sex scenes are pretty outrageous and embarrassing. I'm so glad we both just had to make fools of ourselves, we both did it together. It's something you can't half-ass, you have to go full-force.

I'm looking forward to seeing that in 3D!

[Laugh] I know, it might be too much.

Thanks for your time, Amy!

Thank you, it was nice talking to you!

BREAK POINT is currently available on VOD; check out the official site HERE. You can follow Amy on Twitter right HERE.    

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