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The Hottie Stop interviews America Olivo from No One Lives and Bitch Slap!

08.09.2013by: Eric Walkuski

In case you weren't aware, America Olivo is awesome. I don't just mean awesome-looking, although she is certainly that, but just an awesome person in general. The beautiful actress, best known for turns in the FRIDAY THE 13th remake and the incredible BITCH SLAP (seriously, watch it right now), is sweet, funny and refreshingly unpretentious - as you'll find in the interview below.

America recently starred in the horror film NO ONE LIVES (coming to DVD and Blu-ray August 20th), in which she plays Tamara, one of a group of ruthless criminals who meet their match - and then some - when they're pitted against a highly-effiecient serial killer. In my chat with America, we discuss the difficulties of filming a fight scene while naked, her interesting habit of crashing 14-year-olds' birthday parties, and the time she drunkenly made out with Carrie Keagan and subsequently smashed her face into a sink. Ohhh yeah!

So you play a criminal in NO ONE LIVES, but your character isn't really evil, right?

I don't think people realize they're evil in general, so I don't think she thinks of herself as evil. She runs with a group of thieves, that's what they do, but she's not as evil as they get, as you know from the movie. She can be out-eviled for sure, but she's not an angel.

What was the most challenging scene in the film for you?

There's a fight scene in a shower, and it involves some nudity of course, because that's what happens in the shower, and that was the first time I had done something like that. There wasn't necessarily supposed to be gratuitous nudity, but you've got to be nude for the shoot and that's what's hanging out. And in order for them to get the proper angles, I've got the guys who are working the camera in my "stuff", in between my legs and shooting upward. I was thinking this wasn't supposed to be a porn, but this was as close as it gets. I think I would be a little put-off if I were a cameraperson and I'm down there in somebody's stuff. It was all done in taste at the end of the day, but during the actual shoot it was hysterical, they're in your cracks and crevices. It's an interesting part of the job and you go home at the end of the day and say "What is it that I do again?!"

Obviously you're comfortable with the nudity, but you've got to wonder sometimes if it's in the right taste.

Well, usually it's in a love scene, so there's soft lighting and that kind of thing, but this is a fight scene. And actually, it's not the first shower fight scene I've done, I did one in BITCH SLAP but it was cut out, but because this was a fight sequence, it's all about the lighting and all the different angles. It's like, oh okay my leg goes here and the light goes right there, never had that happen before!

You worked with Luke Evans, who is now blowing up, he's in DRACULA and THE CROW. Did you have a feeling he was going to be huge?

Absolutely. I remember hanging out with him and saying, "You don't even know, do you? You're about to blow up and things are going to be so big and different." And he's like "Oh I guess, I don't know." He's so lovely and humble, he's the kind of guy you want to have it happen to.


You're in incredibly great shape - how do you stay healthy and fit? Are you a strict dieter?

I'm not a very strict person at all, I'm more of a spastic dieter. I do have a personal trainer, and I do some serious weight-lifting. But I don't do cardio, I walk around New York City where I live and that's enough cardio for me. I watch what I eat, I try to eat things that are closer to the earth, and what it's meant to be, than processed food. But that's about it.

When you're not being healthy, what are some of your "cheats" in terms of food and drink?

Well, my dad owns a vineyard called Nello Olivo, and he sends me our family wine, and it's amazing. It's really hard to say no to it, it's definitely my go-to vice. And I like cake, like birthday cake when you're turning 14. I like it with a little spit on it from whoever was blowing out the candle and grit and sweat from being outside all day and kids playing around. Like that nostalgic birthday cake from when you're a kid.

You probably have to search far and wide for that.

I just crash little kids birthday parties, nothing creepy. It's worth it if you get some birthday cake.

I'm sure if it's a 14-year-old boy, he doesn't mind that at all.

(Laughs) What's Camero [her character from BITCH SLAP] doing at my party?!


What do you like to do when you're not working?

My husband and I like to travel a lot, we've been to India a couple of times, we went to Burning Man festival in the Black Rock desert, and that's just insane.

What's on your playlist nowadays?

Oh gosh, I have so many things, that's like having to choose my favorite nephew. Recently I've been really nostalgic, listening to 80s and 90s music. I actually make music, I make dance songs, so I'm looking for fun stuff to remake. It's been a fun journey, my husband and I are putting on a concert in Toronto on August 17th. I also love old standards like Frank Sinatra, and there's an album by Paul Anka where he takes all these 80s and 90s songs and covers them in a swing style, and I just love it. I just want to be him.

Now, I have to bring this up - you were on a former guest of ours Carrie Keagan's old web show Up Close, and you and the other Bitch Slap girls all kissed her. A pretty great video all around. And the conversation eventually got very racy, too. That must have been a fun time...

I think it was so much fun that I'd have to watch it again to remember, because I was so tanked! The point of her interviews on that show is to have drinks, and I had been running around all day doing promos for BITCH SLAP and just ran in there and got hammered so quickly. And of course I'm just making out with everybody, god knows who else I made out with, it's ridiculous. I think I may have lost my lunch on the producer, then ran into the bathroom and head-butted the sink, broke the sink porcelain with my face. I went to the doctor and asked him if I broke my nose because it would have been a great opportunity to get a Hollywood nose job, but he said not a chance, your nose broke the bathroom. I had a really good time according to Youtube, when I watched it back!

And who was the better kisser, Carrie or your BITCH SLAP co-star Erin Cummings, who you kissed in the movie?

Oh if I didn't say Erin, she'd beat me. She lives down the street from me now, so I have to go with that one, because I'd get a serious talking-to. But Carrie knows the truth.

And now so do we! Thanks for your time, America, this was a great talk!

Thanks so much!

Skip to the 1:30 mark for the kissin'!

You can follow America on Twitter right HERE.

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