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The Hottie Stop interviews Amber Stevens, star of 22 Jump Street!

06.09.2014by: Eric Walkuski

The world is going to be introduced to Amber Stevens in a big way this month. The beautiful actress plays the love interest of Jonah Hill's character in the highly-anticipated 22 JUMP STREET, which it should be noted is absolutely hilarious. Amber has been working in the industry for a relatively short ten years, but she grew up around the business by virtue of having a famous pop, popular radio and TV personality Shadoe Stevens ("Hollywood Squares", "Dave's World"). The lovely Californian is known for her role as "Ashleigh" on the ABC Family series "Greek," but it's safe to say she'll be propelled to a different level of stardom thanks to her time on Jump Street.

I spoke to Amber about getting the highly-coveted part of "Maya" in the comedy, working with Jonah Hill and Ice Cube, preparing for fame and growing up in Hollywood.

Congrats on the film, saw it last night and it seemed like everyone loved it. Have you seen it yet?

I've seen it twice now. I'm really happy with it, I think it's really funny. We shot so much stuff, the original cut of the movies was like three hours long or something. It was fun to go in to see what they had sliced together. I think they did an amazing job, it's really great.

What's it like seeing yourself on the big screen, is it ever weird?

Yeah, it's very weird. The first time I saw it, I was shaking the entire movie. Now that I've seen it, I can kind of watch it and forget that it's me, but it's still a very strange concept. (Laughs)

Talk a little bit about playing opposite Jonah Hill, is there a lot of improv?

Oh yeah, definitely. What would happen was, we'd go through it once the way it was written, and then we were given a lot of room to play. Even the audition was that way, because they anticipated that and wanted to make sure people could keep up. My second two auditions were with Jonah, and they were very loose and improv heavy. You just have to go with it, it's a blast.

The audition process must have been crazy. Do you know how many other girls were up for the role?

I don't know how many they were seeing, but I definitely remember going in and seeing some recognizable faces and being a little intimidated. But it's kind of out of your hands and you just do the best you can. My final audition was crazy, I was called in very last minute. They emailed me 17 pages of sides and said, "Be here in two hours." I live about an hour away from where the audition was, and I was at a yoga class, so I had to rush home and change, print out the sides, then get in the car and read the sides while I'm driving. I actually never got to finish reading the pages, so I didn't even know what everything was. I arrived and was hoping they'd give me 15 minutes, but they wanted me to go in right away. It was kind of great though, the pressure was really off because everyone knew I hadn't read it. I was able to just go in and have a lot of fun. I think I got hired later that day.

That must have felt amazing.

It had been a couple months from the first audition to the last. It was really cool.

Obviously you've been working for a while, but it's got to feel good knowing this could really be your break-out role. Are you prepared for everything that follows?

I have no idea how to prepare for that. Who knows what's going to happen. I hope you're right, I hope this is something that helps me move forward, but this business is so unpredictable. I'm just going to enjoy what it is every day right now, and I just hope everyone really likes the movie. We'll see what happens.

You also get to act alongside Ice Cube, who totally steals every scene he's in.

He's great. He's Jonah's childhood hero, and so that's the reason he was asked to be in the first movie. When Jonah was writing the movie, he thought the guy who wrote "F*ck the Police" should play the police. Whenever Jonah's around him, he's kind of nervous. (Laughs) I don't have preconceived notions about him, so I just thought he was really like a dad, he's really sweet and kind. What's funny is, sometimes instead of improving in the scenes, he'll tell you beforehand what he's going to do. I loved working with him, he's such a nice man.

You've done a lot of TV; are you looking to move into film permanently?

Honestly, not at all. I'm one of the few people that actually just really wants to work in TV. There's something about the lifestyle and camaraderie you build when you work in television. You're able to have a real life outside of it too, because you're able to go home at the end of every day. I have other priorities in my life as well, and I'd like to be able to have a family and be around them. I'd love to be on the next "Friends," that's my dream.

Is there a TV show that's on now that you'd love to be a part of?

I mean, any of the comedies that are on now. Most of the great ones are single camera ones, but I prefer multi cam shows. "Undateable" is a new show that's out, I've only seen a couple episodes, but something like that, where it's young people on a sitcom. (Laughs)

Did you have a normal kid life growing up or was it a bit Hollywood kid life because of who your dad is?

I think my life was pretty normal. My parents kept us really grounded, we were really normal. We went to a private school, but that was because my parents wanted me to have the best education, so I guess that's a little fancy, but I eventually moved to public school. My parents didn't let me see too much of the wild side of Hollywood, they didn't buy me a car, I bought my own car when I made enough money on my own.

That's how you stayed out of trouble.

Yeah, work for what you want. You shouldn't just be given things, then you won't have a good value system.

What do you do for fun when you're not working?

My friends would all consider me the hostess. I'm always having people over to my house, I love to cook and entertain. I have a really tight group of girlfriends, and we probably get together once a week, sometimes more. I just love to set up parties and decorate. I thought for a while that I might want to be an event planner, that's something I really enjoy.

If anyone has a party coming up, they turn to you.

Oh yeah. (Laughs) I have all of my friends' birthday parties at my house, like I call it every time. One of my friends is pregnant right now, and I'm like, "I call the baby shower!" And she's like, "Okay, please!" My mom is the same way.

Are your friends really excited that you're going to be in this big summer blockbuster?

Yes they are! I have the best friends ever. All of them are buying tickets already, and they all want to go together, 15 people or something. I'm going to be a guest on "Conan" next week, and they're like buying tickets to it. They're beyond supportive and I'm so grateful.

Will "Conan" be your first really big talkshow appearance?

I went on Craig Ferguson like five years ago or something, but I feel like this is going to be a bit of a different experience.

Is there anyone in the business that you're dying to work with?

The list is so very long. (Laughs) You know who'd be really fun to work with? Rashida Jones. I feel like we could play sisters.

I'd like to see that happen. I met her a few months ago and she's the sweetest person.

Really? She just seems great. Let's put that out there into the universe.

Have they talked to you about 23 Jump Street?

I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. (Laughs) I think they're done making sequels, but who knows. Never say never, right?

If this one makes $50 million opening weekend, they might change their minds. Thank you for your time, really appreciate it. Congrats on the movie!

Thank you so much!

Visit Amber on Twitter right HERE. 22 JUMP STREET comes out Friday, June 13th, and her appearance on "Conan" will air Wednesday, June 11th!

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