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The Hottie Stop Interviews Alicja Bachleda, star of The Girl is in Trouble!

04.06.2015by: JimmyO

The first time I really took notice of the absolutely lovely Alicja Bachleda was in the film ONDINE - starring opposite the incredible Colin Farrell - and she was stunning. Thankfully, you can currently find this beauty in the Spike Lee produced feature THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE and she once again shines as the girl who happens to be in a bit of trouble. In one of the leading roles, the actress steals every single second she is on-screen. The film also stars Columbus Short, Wilmer Valderrama and Jesse Spencer… but this one is all about the girl, and what a girl she is.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing way too many interviews to count, even still there was something really special about talking to Alicja. She is wonderfully open and so vivacious and full of life, that talking to her actually made my week better! During our conversation she discussed playing a femme fatale in the new film and what appealed to her about the role. We also chatted about music - she is also a singer with a musical theatre background - and her favorite places to visit. Whatever the subject matter was, she is so wonderfully warm and sweet, that we even had some time to chat after the interview had wrapped. She is just incredible! Oh, and she is stunningly beautiful as well.

So make sure you check out THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE which is available on VOD and also in a select theatrical run as well.

What was the appeal of playing this sort of femme fatale character?

You know, it’s always a challenge and I loved the script. I loved the whole take on New York and how it actually can shape your life. Or quite easily destroy it. They say Los Angeles is this town where you kind of face your dreams and your destiny, and you try your luck and either you make it or not. To me personally, New York was the place that was the biggest challenge. And I could kind of relate to [Signe] because New York creates some kind of a promise, and it can be so harsh on you. And it runs so fast, the tempo and the heartbeat of this place, it is so fast that it can chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t lucky enough. So I could relate to that, and I think that is what really drew me to the character and to the film itself.

She is an intriguing character and you don’t necessarily see a lot of women’s roles like this nowadays. Back in the 40’s and the 50’s you’d see that all the time.

I agree. And this film is very interesting take on a film noir, because you have those women from this type of film who are torn inside from some kind of conflict or hidden agenda. And I think screenwriters or directors, they don’t really pay enough attention to women characters per say. So you are very right, you know. Since the 50’s or the 60’s, it hasn’t been that often that you can stumble on a character like that.

You started acting at a very young age - six years old - what made you want to get into this business?

It kind of started in musical theatre. And it was literally like, I saw some kids on TV and I said, “I want to do what they are doing mommy” and my mom just took me to a musical theatre and I got accepted, and it started like that. My first film experience, I think by the age of seven or eight, was when Steven Spielberg came to Krakow - my hometown - to shoot SCHINDLER’S LIST. And he picked - or his casting people picked - a few kids to be in the background, and do little things here and there. And I just remember being on the set with my group of friends from my theatre. I observed this film magic, and I just thought I want to be doing that for the rest of my life. Like this is exactly where I belong. And I remember EXACTLY feeling that and I just wanted to be a part of this magic as long as I can. That is kind of how it started for me. There was that experience, and then I started to make movies quite quickly, and I changed countries. I did films in France and Germany, and then I transitioned to the States.

You’ve been everywhere. All these countries. Where is your favorite place? To live, and visit?

Well that is tricky. I do love the States, and I love Los Angeles. And being a European girl, I miss Europe so much and all its attributes. I miss just walking down the street and and having coffee around the corner. Which, New York could be the place for me, but I have to admit that after being in New York for awhile - I went to school there and I had been living there on and off for a year and a half - it wore me down. It is a tiring place, especially when, for some reason you might be not ready to run with it, you know. It can be really tiring. So I’ve found LA to be my oasis. But now, to answer your question, you know I have to travel back to Europe because I love it. I love Germany. I love it for a small period of time. I felt like my ultimate dream was to try my luck in the movie business here in the States. So after being quite comfortable in Berlin, and being set with a record deal because I was singing as well, so I had a record deal and a pretty promising film career over there. I was playing German girls and I learned how to speak German kind of on the spot. I decided if I had already done that, then my ultimate dream was always to do Hollywood films. So why not try reaching for the stars [Laughing]. So I did. I went to New York to school at Lee Strasberg and I thought, you know, I’m going to give it a shot.

Well you are always working, what do you do for fun? I don’t get that you are the club type girl at all [Laughing].

You know, I’m not going to lie, there was a time in my life… I wasn’t actually clubbing, but I did enjoy that. I did enjoy the wild life in a way. But that was a long time ago. I think because I started to be in the business very early on. I mean, I was a kid actor, and I was exposed to all that growing up fairly early. And at the same time, I had to be fairly responsible because I was on the set, and if I went out I had to work the next day. So I was kind of taught to be responsible from very early on. I still enjoy having fun, but yeah, I’m not really going out much. And being in L.A., you find your people. You find your places. You just enjoy life. You go to some live music performances, and music clubs, but that is pretty much it. And on top of that, I’m a mom. My son is five right now, so it kind of sets your priorities straight. Again, I love to have fun and all that, but my time now is shared with being a mommy, and I love it.

Being a parent is the greatest thing ever. I have a son.

You are a parent?

Yeah. My favorite thing in the world.

Exactly. Having that, you know, having an option of reading him to sleep or going out, I’d most likely choose just putting him to bed. And then, I almost force myself to have that time for myself and go out. Because it is important to keep the balance and not to ever resent anything, or anyone, you know.

You had mentioned music, how involved are you in music now?

Music is present in my life, but I have to say I sort of gave up on pursuing my musical career. I think I just got tired of it to be honest [Laughing]. I mean, I was raised on the stage, you know. I was raised performing and giving concerts and making albums, and I think at some point I was so drawn into film. I have to say that I flirted with the idea of doing something musically again. I would love to do a film musical. I think that would be a perfect combination of everything that I love to do. But they haven’t come my way recently, so you know, I might do something musically but living in L.A. makes you so humble because there are so many amazing musicians. You don’t really want to go out there and try your luck when you know that there are people better than you [Laughing].

Who are some of your idols in music? Who did you grow up listening to and who do you like now?

Well I went through all kinds of music types and phases. I have to say, being ten-years-old there was Celine Dion, Irene Cara or Jennifer Rush, you know, the big voices and the beautiful ballads. That was my kind of thing when I was a kid. Then my brother, who is six years older than me, exposed me to Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. So that was kind of my thing. Or Pearl Jam later on. So that was another phase. And I still love those bands. Being in California, you have to be sensitive to the music that came from here. So I would say, like right now, I love Jeff Buckley because there was so much strength in his voice and that sadness, and substance, you can hear it all. So I would say that maybe Jeff would be somebody that I love. At the same time, I love folk music. I love the oldies. So Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, all the good ones, Neil Young, and… there are so many. Folk music and American rock is something that I love.



I love that movie because I love that whole era and the music, that whole scene.

I love that scene! And those are the poet singers from that time… they were true artists. Those times kind of allowed you to do that because there was so little commercial crap going on. And people did pay attention to those artists, and they did have a voice. That was a good time, especially in New York. At that time you could be very entertained. That’s why now in L.A. I look for places that expose you to young talent, true artists that are not really about commercial value.

Is there a cool place in L.A. that you really like for that?

I do actually. I do know a place. It’s popular by now, but at the beginning it was more indie let’s say. It’s called The Sayers Club. Every now and then they have new artists, new bands, and it’s a great feeling to be there and be so close to real talent.

And you know, i just realized, in the movie, I actually fought the director to let me sing my song.

That was you. I thought so. I really dug that song!

Yeah. Actually, I have to tell you that my character [Signe] sings and I thought, perfect, I do too. And he was like, yeah, but you know, the song has already been recorded by my good friend and she is amazing so I’m going to have [her do it]. And I said, no you can’t do that to me. And it was not only because of my pride. If I play a character I want it to be completely mine, especially with that song. So I said, just let me try, and if you don’t like it, I get it, you go back to your friend and she is fantastic. So I just had one shot at it, so I went in and I perform, and he agreed. He said, yes, we should use yours. Which was my little victory. So to answer your question, if I’m into music at all, yes I did that as well.

THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE is currently playing in select theatres and on VOD. For more on Alicja, check out her official Instagram page here, and her official Facebook page here.



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