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The Hottie Stop interviews Adrianne Palicki, star of From Dusk Till Dawn

04.07.2014by: Eric Walkuski

We've been doing The Hottie Stop interview section of Movie Hotties for over a year now, and in that time our most popular entry, far and away, has been Adrianne Palicki. (Check out our first interview HERE.) So, we thought, why mess with a good thing? Let's bring the 5' 11" beauty back in and hope (once again) she doesn't get tired of our shenanigans. Thankfully, the star of "Friday Night Lights" and G.I. JOE: RETALIATION is so damn cool, it was like we were never apart!

This time around, we're discussing Palicki's involvement in Robert Rodriguez's "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series," in which she plays the wild partner in crime, and ex-wife, of convict Seth Gecko (who is incidentally portrayed by her G.I. JOE co-star D.J. Cotrona). Here Adrianne talks about playing a bad girl, handling firearms, what she feels most guilty about on Saturday nights and her beloved Detroit Lions. Yes, she's a football fan too! Can't get much better...

Let's talk a little about your character in "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series," she's a bit of a bad girl.

She is a bit of a bad girl, she's a bad girl with a heart of gold. She's a bit nuts like a lot of the characters in this series. It was fun to play a new character, you know what I mean? It's so nerve-racking to take on a character that already has a built in audience, there's a lot of pressure. So it was fun to play someone who hasn't existed yet in this world.

Can you relate to her at all? Of course, you're not a criminal, but…

Yeah, I mean, it's crazy the things you do for love and relationships. I think she really does love Seth, everything she's done has really been for him, which is why she ends up helping him at the end.

I'm going to guess you've never dated a sociopathic bank robber?

I hope not, not that I'm aware of! There' a long history, you never know where people end up. (Laughs)

The show was just picked up for a second season. Have you heard if you'll be a part of it, or is that spoiler territory?

There were some talks, it's a possibility. I loved working with everybody. It was crazy because I was just visiting Austin and ended up going to set to visit D.J., and half the crew is from "Friday Night Lights," so it was like seeing my family. And while I was there Robert Rodriguez approaches me and asks if I'd play this character, and that's an experience in itself. It was very humbling and very cool. So any time they want me back, I will be there.

Obviously you're familiar with your on-screen ex-husband D.J. Cotrona, who you starred alongside in G.I. Joe 2; what was it like working with him on this?

It was so much fun. It honestly made it so much easier for me to have a cohort there, somebody I'd worked with before for a bit of time. He's super supportive and such a talent. I mean, I'm just so impressed with the casting choices, for the two guys especially. They're such huge characters, and I don't think they could have been cast any better.

What's the best thing about shooting in Texas, where of course you also shot Friday Night Lights?

Austin is the best city in the world. It's like home, because we all kind of grew up there in a weird way. Most of the cast from "Friday Night Lights" still lives there. It's a special town, it's not just Texas. It's very artistic, loving. It's a small town with a big town feel. It's fun to go back, everybody knows us, I always go to the same restaurants.

Are you a fan of barbecue? I think I'd gain about 70 pounds if I spent more than one day there.

(Laughs) That's the funny part, because you end up losing weight in the summer because you don't want to eat. It's so friggin' hot. You just drink margaritas, that's what you do. But yes, I love the barbecue, the Tex-Mex, it's all amazing.

You've done a lot of TV and a lot of film work; do you have a preference?

"From Dusk Till Dawn" was kind of my first journey back into television for a while, but it felt more like film. It was exciting for me to go back to do TV, just the pace of it, working with the same crew every day. I've also been shooting "About a Boy" as well, and that was an experience in itself. So I've been going back and forth a bit, trying to change it up and keep things sharp.

In both this and G.I. Joe you seem awfully comfortable handling firearms. Have you had a lot of practice?

(Laughs) Yes! I think RED DAWN was the first time I really got to work with the Army, who taught us how to handle them, like boot camp. On G.I. JOE, we actually had a month of training with Navy SEALs. It was probably the hardest experience I've had. On this last movie I recently worked on, I learned some martial arts because I play an assassin. I got to learn jujitsu, which was really cool. I like doing my own stunts.

So obviously you seek out these strong, action-filled roles.

It's fun, I love seeing women be strong and capable. I think the writing is happening more and more for women that way, so getting to be a part of that is really exciting for me, I definitely feel more comfortable in those types of roles.

Up to this point, which project was the most fun or fulfilling to be a part of?

God, well, "Friday Night Lights" was really special, I got to help create that character. Tyra is really, really important to me. But every single one is fun and different; getting to do "From Dusk Till Dawn" was crazy. I'm sitting there in this environment that I grew up in, working with someone I respect so much. And then getting to do a half-hour comedy like "About a Boy," was really fun and a bit nerve-racking, but good nerves.

Other than acting, what would you say is your biggest passion?

Umm… acting. (Laughs) I love art, I love to paint - I was going to go to school to be a painter, and then I decided if I was going to struggle doing something, I was going to struggle acting. Thankfully it worked out. I like to keep working, I'm sort of a workaholic so I try to stay busy and motivated.

What current TV series do you make it a point to watch?

"Nashville," because I've got to support my girl [Connie Britton]. I just love that show so much. I'm getting into this new show "Resurrection," it's really good. I'm into "House of Cards" and "Breaking Bad."

How about some guilty pleasures?

Here's the thing about my guilty pleasures. I'm the girl who will sit home on a Saturday night and watch a "Will & Grace" marathon. I am obsessed with "Friends" and "Will & Grace" to the point where every time my boyfriend calls me he says "What are you doing right now, are you watching 'Will & Grace'?" (Laughs) He just knows, it's kind of sad.

I did a quick scan of your Twitter feed and it looks like you're a big Detroit Lions fan. Have you always liked football?

I love football. You know, Ohio is kind of like Texas in that way, it's just what you do. If I were a guy I would have played football, absolutely. Detroit just happens to be the closest big city to Toledo, so yeah, I tell people I'm a Detroit Lions fan and they feel sorry for me. But you know what, we have the goods. And now we have Jim Caldwell, so I'm hoping - hoping! - it's going to be a different season this year,.

You chose not to be a Cleveland Browns fan, I assume.

Oh yeah. (Laughs)

What do you have coming up next?

Well I've got a movie called BABY BABY BABY with Brian Klugman, who directed THE WORDS, coming up in Los Angeles. And there's also talk about another G.I. JOE.

Are you training for the possibility of G.I. JOE 3?

I feel like I've been constantly training. I know something is going to happen where I'm doing an action film or action TV, so I'm probably in the best shape of my life right now.

Good deal! Thank you so much for your time.

Thanks, Eric, I appreciate it.

"From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" airs every Tuesday night on the El Rey Network; find out all the info you need about it HERE. And be sure to follow Adrianne on Twitter right HERE.

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