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The Hottie Stop interviews Isabel Lucas, star of Careful What You Wish For!

06.20.2016by: Eric Walkuski

Isabel Lucas' new film is CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR but I can't imagine feeling that way when it comes to the actress herself, who is nothing short of bright, charming and lovely. The Australian-born beauty got her start on the popular Aussie series Home and Away (which also gave starts to people like Chris Hemsworth, Naomi Watts and Guy Pearce) and three years on that show allowed her to turn her attention to the states, where she quickly made a splash in TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN (surely you remember her as the sexiest Decepticon ever). From there it was on to roles in major movies like IMMORTALS, DAYBREAKERS and RED DAWN, as well as smaller productions like Russell Crowe's THE WATER DIVINER and Terrence Malick's KNIGHT OF CUPS.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR sees Lucas playing a sexy femme fatale who manipulates a dumb young fellow (Nick Jonas) into doing her bidding; would you say no to Isabel? The actress was nice enough to spare me a few minutes of her time recently to talk her seductive new role, transitioning from Australia to America and the awkwardness of shooting sex scenes.

Isabel Lucas interview hot sexy beautiful Careful What You Wish For

Do you live in the states or Australia?

I've lived in the states for maybe six years. Last year I had intended to spend more time back home but I haven't been there in months. It's just the way things happen, all the work opportunities are in L.A. because it's the mecca of the industry.

Do you miss living in Australia; do you like it in L.A.?

I do miss it, I miss it a little bit. I feel grateful to be able to choose where I live, not many people are in that place, so I really appreciate that. I have a lot of girlfriends who live in L.A., so it's not like I'm really terribly missing Australia.

Isabel Lucas interview hot sexy beautiful Careful What You Wish For

Give me your quick and dirty synopsis of the film and a little bit about your character, in your own words.

It was shot a few years ago, so it's been a while; I'm going to have to dig deep. It's about a young man coming of age and exploring intimate desires and relationships. He falls in love with someone who is essentially emotionally unavailable in the long run. It's about the blind spots of naivete, the idea that everything looks good from far away, but when you get closer there's a lot more to it. Lena, the character I play, is a really troubled woman. She's in a potentially abusive relationship and it justifies a lot of seemingly dark intentions. That's what I found interesting about this character, creating a backstory that would justify her actions so that I could embody her and not be judging her.

Do you have anything in common with her?

That's such an interesting question. I have lived a very different life from Lena, so it was more of a stretch. She was in a place in her life where she was feeling so manipulated and controlled and unsafe that she learned how to control and manipulate. When I saw it from that point of view, I thought, "I get that." All of us have the desire to manipulate things to our preferences.

Talk about working with Nick Jonas, I guess this is pretty far from his days with the Jonas Brothers?

He's so lovely and warm, very professional. I was not familiar with his music, but he's very talented; that became obvious when he would be playing music on set, sharing a new song that he had written.

Isabel Lucas interview hot sexy beautiful Careful What You Wish For

Are shooting the intimate scenes awkward at all?

Yeah, it's awkward. You take it back to your reason for being there, you think about what's the character's need is at that moment, you think about the bigger picture of why you're there. But of course there's a natural nervousness that comes up when you're doing scenes like that with someone you don't know very well. Awkwardness is fine, and it's also beautiful to use in the scene, in the moment.

You started off your career on Home and Away, a famous Australian TV series, and then suddenly you were here in the states doing a bunch of big budget films. Was there any culture shock for you?

Yeah, I'd say there was. It was my first audition, and I was certainly not expecting to book the job. So that was my first audition and then I came to L.A., sort of wide eyed and very green, I was very grateful to have representation in the states and to be able to just start going to auditions. In a way it was a great learning ground, it was quite special that way, to get to work with many different directors. But yeah, coming to the states, there was a big transition. The actual shooting part of it wasn't a culture shock for me, I felt very comfortable on set. It was more going to meetings and going to red carpet events and feeling a little out of my depth. It wasn't a world I was prepared for.

Isabel Lucas interview hot sexy beautiful Careful What You Wish For

And then there's the paparazzi.

Yeah, I think that really was a shock to my system if I'm being honest. Because I grew up in the country and I wasn't really watching a lot of TV, like at all. My dad referred to the TV as the idiot box, literally, he'd say "go outside" or "go and read something brilliant." So to all of a sudden be in that world, yeah, it was quite scary for me. It was about staying true to myself and navigating quite an unusual world.

Well, you're still in L.A. so it looks like you survived it.

I live up in Topanga Canyon. I do appreciate going into the city but Topanga Canyon has a beautiful community and it's a little more well-rounded. Not everyone is in the film industry and I like that.

Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you so much, Eric.

Isabel Lucas interview hot sexy beautiful Careful What You Wish For

You can follow Isabel on Instagram HERE. CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR is available to watch right HERE.

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