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The Hailey Baldwin bikini exhibition continues

06.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

There must've been a dozen hotties I was looking forward to seeing throughout the 2017 summer season, spending every moment of their free time wearing one sexy two-piece after the other. Hailey Baldwin's name wasn't on the list, not even on the list of alternatives – she's the surprise hit of the season; the gift you didn't know you wanted until it was given. This past week alone her tight little ass has been spotted (and subsequently photographed) numerous times engaging in all manner of beach activities. Not the kind of postcard activities that naturally come to mind. Throwing a frisbee and building a sandcastle are hardly the kind of recreations any hottie worth her salt would partake in. Attention seeking babes normally stick to pastimes like bending over, rubbing suntan lotion on their ass cheeks, pretending they don't notice the DSLR pointed in their direction and so on. Experience it all in yet another standout moment from the ongoing Hailey Baldwin bikini exhibition... No charge!

Source: Got Celeb


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