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The Hadid Sisters turned dinner out into a full on hottie contest

08.24.2016by: Droz

You gotta hand it to The Hadid Sisters, Bella & Gigi. No matter what you might think of their profession or what they do as a part of it, it's clear these two sisters are devoted to the whole idea of being sex symbols. Why else would they spend practically every waking minute of their lives showing off their bods, frequently for the purposes of public consumption? These two are part of cabal of hottie siblings, among them the various Thorne sisters and the Jenner kids, who's mission is to arouse interest in their careers essentially by getting everyone aroused. I'd like to think this mission includes a fair amount of competition among the hotties involved. Although with these sibling rivalries, the result is copious amounts of T&A. Bella and Gigi's appearance last night proves that. As for where these two stand in their race for the most gratuitous body reveals, I'd say Bella has the current lead.

Bella Hadid Thong Bikini Bella Hadid Thong Bikini
Source: NSFW


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