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The greatest talent of Kimberley Garner; wearing a bikini

10.30.2015by: No Cool Handle

Saying Kimberley Garner's greatest talent is wearing a bikini is not a shot, it's a term of endearment. The world needs ladies like her, and as long as God sets the thermostat to 80 degrees somewhere in the world, we'll all be blessed with photos of this tight-bodied Brit during the days most of us are hibernating. This girl practically lives in a bikini; leading me to think it doesn't matter if it was in the 50s out side, she'd buy a bathing suit with insulated cups and a faux, furry bottom – you know, to keep the naughty bits warm – and walk her happy ass to the nearest shoreline – I admire that kind of perseverance. Looking at these photos, it makes it hard to get nervous about those satellite images they keep showing with the world covered in red, rising temperatures. I used to think: Oh shit! – we're all going to cook. Now I look at it and think: Look at all the new potential areas Kimberley Garner can go strut her stuff in skimpy swim attire. 

Source: Got Celeb


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