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The gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead tags up our hearts at AOL Cloverfield event

03.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It's fitting that her initials are MEW because if you ever get a chance to meet the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead in person, that's precisely the sound that will come out of you when you do. Yes, she's that beautiful. As for how she's going to be able to work that beauty angle when entrapped by John Goodman in 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, you're going to have to wait until Friday to find out. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the film, although I appreciate it being one of the few being released that isn't giving away all of its goodies before the lights have a chance to go down. Winstead was in New York talking with the people at the AOL Build Series, doing more for us with a simple sultry side-eye than all of free 1,000s of hours their discs ever did. 
Source: Rex Features


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