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The gang from Buffy graces the cover of EW with a whole lotta Charisma

03.31.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It makes sense that David Boreanaz wouldn't have aged much in 20 years, he is a vampire, after all. But it's great to see that the rest of the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are holding up rather well 20 years after the show debuted. (Nicholas Brendon being the exception. Also, Michelle Trachtenberg, who seems to really have taken on a DGAF attitude toward Hollywood & her own personal upkeep.)

The true stunner from the Scooby gang is of course Charisma Carpenter, who, at the age of 46 looks perhaps even better than she did a couple decades ago. (And for those who think I was harsh about Michelle, consider that there's an equal age gap [15 years] between Charisma & Michelle as there is between Charisma and Kristine Sutherland - and then tell me she's not slacking.) Shoot, Alyson Hannigan is still looking like a twentysomething and she's a redhead, which usually suggests early onset aging.

Out of everyone in the cast, it's quite sad that only Seth Green Hannigan & Boreanaz have found successful ongoing work on television, although Green has roots after have been a reliable child actor growing up. I would have thought that Sarah Michelle Gellar would have been the giant A-lister by now but the most recent listing on her resume is a TV movie remake of CRUEL INTENTIONS and that just makes me all kinds of sad.

On another note, where are Anthony Head & Eliza Dushku?

Source: EW


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