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The French are crazy for Selena Gomez's cuteness

03.12.2015by: Cherry Liquor
While trying to make her way out of the Louis Vuitton show at Fashion Week in Paris, fans and photographers bombarded Selena Gomez trying to take pictures of and get the singer to acknowledge them. It's a good thing that things were more peaceful while Gomez was standing outside posing before the craziness (check out the video here), so I could get a good look at that jacket she's wearing. Yeah, I'm still a girl who covets a great leather coat, especially if it reminds me a bit of the one Kate Hudson wore in ALMOST FAMOUS. Gotta love that fluffy fur lining. As someone who suffers from a bit of crowd anxiety, I don't know how Selly manages not losing her shit in those types of situations. I admire the girl for keeping a smile on her face and not losing her cool.
Source: Daily Mail


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