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The force is strong with Daisy Ridley's Miami swimsuit show

01.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Poor James Cameron. He had been sitting on the top of box office breaking records with two of his movies for so long, I'm guessing he figured he would kick the bucket before seeing himself get dethroned. Now, with STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS smashing all of Cameron's standing to bits, I'm worried that we're going to get a $500 million budget film about CGI purple robot kitten in order for Jimmy to scramble back to the top of the heap.

One of the people not struggling that hard is SW:TFA star, Daisy Ridley, who has enjoyed a warm fan welcome to the franchise. Many small children I've seen talking about the movie are far more in favor of Daisy's Rey over the film's villain, Kylo Ren. Such wasn't the case back in the day, when the entire youth culture of the late '70's, early '80's preferred baddie Darth Vader instead of wussy hero Luke Skywalker. Enjoying a brief respite from promoting her lifetime paycheck, Ridley took to Miami beaches in a sleek one piece showing off her toned gams and complete lack of titty meat. Not that you need boobs to defeat The First Order. And without them, she might very well escape the entrapment by means of a greasy schlub from the space ghetto. 

Source: Pop Sugar


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