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The Felicity Jones dissemination continues in the pages of Glamour magazine

12.21.2016by: Droz

Those unfamiliar with Felicity Jones before ROGUE ONE are getting a crash course in what those of us who knew her before were already knowledgeable on, namely she's an awkwardly adorable little bundle of sexy. That's made even more evident in her new Glamour spread, where the somewhat subdued hottie lets out a little energy. Of course, this being the new iteration of STAR WARS for the 21st century, I'm seeing scatterings of dissenters on the topic of Felicity's validity as a hottie. These are the usual crop of haters determined to fling shit at the new movies in defense of their violated childhoods, as they see it. Those who might not have given much thought about Felicity, now bundle her into their hate. It's the same thing that happened with Daisy Ridley. They cast aspersions at her looks too, even though it's plainly evident she's as adorable as fluffy puppies.

My message to those folks is to go right ahead and hate these new movies, if you must. But don't spit venom at Felicity. She's just an actress trying to do her job. She's not conspiring against your childhood memories. Giving her shit only invalidates your already tenuous position in my eyes. I wont stand for indiscriminate hate, especially when it's cast in the direction of ladies I enjoy.

Source: Glamour


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