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The Daytime Emmys celebrated Hunter King's golden globes

05.02.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I've been raving about Hunter King for a few years now, ever since I saw her appear on the red carpet of the Daytime Emmys a few years back with her now-famous rack on display. As a well-respected young actress on The Young and the Restless, Hunter has already racked up (har har) a few awards of her own and is slowly transitioning into movies and other TV shows, including the sitcom, Life in Pieces. Sadly, we end up not being able to post a number of her red carpet appearances outside of award shows such as this because she likes posing with her little sister, Joey King, who we will have to wait until later this summer to feature, whens she finally turns 18. Good looks run in the family, probably to an even higher degree than say, the Michalka sisters, who like to run as duos whenever appearing at events as well. For now, here's Hunter in her plunging neckline blue dress at the Daytime Emmy arrivals, as well as a slinky black dress for the celebration of the event from a few days before.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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