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The compass points to Jessica Parker Kennedy's not so hidden treasures

02.02.2017by: No Cool Handle

Somethings are just difficult to understand, like why it's so hard to come across sexy photos of Jessica Parker Kennedy – one of the most stunning females on television. Perhaps it's because she's difficult to find? Someone needs to invent a compass that only points in Jessica's direction (the magnetic pull of her mounds should make it easy); that way, we'll never miss a single, boob filled moment – such as the one depicted in these photos. This rare bird was spotted walking the red carpet on her way to celebrating SAG nominees, her entrancing treasure chest on display. Anyone who has seen one of her nude scenes from the Starz series Black Sails can fill in the missing 40% of boob left unseen, covered by a constricting dress. Needless to say, there as magnificent as her mesmerizing eyes and full, pouty lips. In short: More of Jessica Parker Kennedy's fine ass, please

Source: The Nip Slip


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