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The Claudia Romani ass show must go on

10.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

When speaking about a seasoned temptress like Claudia Romani, terms like "too much of a good thing" have no bearing. It's only on those extremely cloudy days you're not likely to see this desirable lass showcasing her barely covered booty around Miami. Other than that, the Claudia Romani ass show is practically a daily occurrence; a round-the-clock exhibit of tits, ass and everything in between. This Italian provocateur makes sure every crevice gets its time in front the lens, as proven by this most recent photo set. (Perhaps there's either an unspoken agreement or, a calculated arrangement, between her and the local paparazzi.) It's a credit to her undiluted hotness [that] the 34-year-old babe is impervious to the law of diminishing returns. In regards to images of her crawling around on all fours, back arched and ass up, you're unlikely to hear anyone complain about it being more of the same. Every time you seen it is like the first time.

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