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The chances Kate Beckinsale's side boob would go unnoticed were slim to none

06.01.2016by: No Cool Handle

That's because Kate Beckinsale isn't the type of hottie to go out in public (even if she was going out to buy batteries) without getting noticed; that's why we love her - one of the reasons, anyway. Then there's evenings like these, where the untouched-by-time beauty makes a calculated effort to amass the attention of anyone in visual proximity. Take a gander at some pulse quickening side boob action she prepared special for the local PAPS, as an example. The night club Lou Lou's is like The Nice Guy restaurant of London (a hotbed of celebrity babe activity). Photographers inhabit the entrance way like gazelles at a watering hole, attempting to satisfy the global population's unquenchable thirst for all things celebrity. These beautiful depictions of Beckinsale's beautiful B's are a byproduct of said obsession, and provide a good argument for celebrity "culture's" place in the world.

Source: ns4w


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