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The cast of Orange is the New Black was a colorful, fun bunch at the 2015 Emmys

09.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The cafeteria food looked to have been affecting Laura Prepon negatively when she appeared on red carpets last year for the awards season celebrating her prison dramedy, "Orange is the New Black," but at the 2015 Emmys last night, Prepon was looking back to her fighting shape. The leggy lady became the curtains to the carpet, wearing a red mermaid style dress with a gold bolero that highlighted her belovedly full chest.

Co-star Taylor Schilling went in a different color direction, donning a bright yellow dress that showed off her infinity symbol tattoo, a funny reminder of the end of season 3, when we got to watch the show interweave her personal story into the fictional one.

A couple I didn't realize was a thing, Natasha Lyonne and "Portlandia" star, Fred Armisen, were a hoot at the arrivals, with Armisen sporting a Freddy Kruger glove and sweater tie. And the super sexy Dascha Polanco, Dayanara from the show, worked her curves with a flowing gown that gave us a great glimpse of those juicy legs of hers. She's my personal favorite from the show, a hard feat to accomplish considering that there's so much talent being thrown around. Speaking of which, congrats to Uzo Aduba for her win! Go Suzanne!

Source: Daily Mail


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