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The Brits like to make their National Television Awards into a skin fest

01.26.2017by: Droz

I don't know a great deal about UK television, apart from a few key shows that have become hits over here across the pond. I take it they really enjoy shows that center either on British history, or big tits. Makes sense. Speaking of big tits, there were plenty of those on display at the National Television Awards last night. Seemed like an impromptu competition had broken out for who could show off their hot bodies the best while walking a red carpet. They have some formidable weaponry for that sort of thing over there, so no wonder things got pretty heated in that arms race. I can't claim any familiar with these ladies, apart from Gemma Atkinson, but I'm pretty Brit reality star Marnie Simpson one the war with her covered but not really covered lace dress, under which it appears she wore nothing much at all. Hey, you can't get any hotter than bare ass nekkid. Not unless you want to start bringing in props.

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