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The Bikini Roundup - June 2013

06.30.2013by: Droz

The bikinis were clogging the beaches of the world so much in June that we had to actually weed out many of them so that we could bring you this condensed version that doesn't require a whole day to go thorough.  Hey, I'll admit that many of these hotties might be on the fringe of celebrity where you live. Others might be downright strangers to you. That doesn't matter though. See, when you go to the beach to ogle the fine hotties in bikinis, the first thing on your mind is rarely "what does she do for a living?" We're here to see the female flesh sizzle under the warm sun and it is definitely doing so now that summer is fully upon us. So without further adieu, here are some of the more choice examples of what went down in hot celebrity or semi-celebrity bikini action for June 2013.

As always, scroll down to see the complete gallery below.

Italian actress Alessia Tedeschi couldn't leave her fine ass alone. Who could?

English reality star Amy Childs was making everyone envious in her green bikini.

French/Italian model Anais Zanotti had some trouble keeping her bikini on.

British soap actress Brook Vincent needed to cool off in her polka dot bikini.

Heather Graham returns once again to the Roundup, proving that she rules bikini season 2013.

Ireland Baldwin got dunked in the ocean while enjoying her seeming immunity from statutory rape laws.

Bastion of taste and refinement Joanna Krupa continued to be a shining light for the subtle.

Argentinian model Karina Jelinek adds her name to the roster of perfect, South American asses.

Kendal Jenner proved that not all members of her family are currently bloated out of control.

Footballer WAG (wife and girlfriend) Kristy MacLaren demonstrated what she brings in a bikini.

Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro showed a little love for the skinny hotties in bikinis.

Leann Rimes continues to look not too weird while doing a Baywatch run in her bikini.

Boy Meets World vet Maitland Ward met the public with her nice boobs and hula hoop action.

Model Melissa Riso was red hot in her poolside bikini hotness photo shoot.

Glee star Naya Rivera decided to get in some bikini boogie boarding on her day at the beach.

Australian model and current Eddie Murphy girlfriend Paige Butcher showed off her perfect bikini body.

Fashion model Reed Congdon did a little posing for her beachside bikini photo shoot

British singer Rita Ora showed off her fine ass in a bikini while vacationing in Malta.

British actress and model Roxanne Pallett once again showed off her curvy body in a hot bikini.

Brazilian babe and soon-to-be MILF Suellyn Medieros still looked good in her bikini.

Brazilian actress and model Thaila Ayala got a little nervous while taking a dip in her bikini.


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