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The Baywatch calendar needs less shirtless Rock, more shirtless Daddario

01.17.2017by: Droz

I have to question the thinking behind whoever came up with the layout for this BAYWATCH calendar for 2017. First of all, this is supposed to be the remake of the legendarily cheesy 90s series. And what was that show all about? Was it Hasselhoff standing shirtless in front of the big titty hotties way in the background? No. Granted, there was a disturbing amount of shirtless Hasslehoff, but it was thankfully a lot more restrained than what's going on in this calendar. I mean what the hell did they think they were doing with that 8th pic in the gallery below? They put Dwayne's silhouetted ass in the foreground and drop Alexandra Daddario way the hell in the background like an afterthought? This is some bullshit. They should all be like pic 3, namely Alexandra front and center just like Pamela Anderson was back in the day.

Let us not forget - it was always Alex who stirred up the most interest in all those set pics while they were filming this. And it's gonna be moments like this one below that puts asses into seats for this come May. You should have gotten your priorities straight, calendar people. Shame on you.

Source: NSFW


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