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The award for best boobage at the Golden Globes goes to Kirsten Dunst

01.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

Of all the disappointments born of the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, Fargo season 2 not claiming a single award was the most baffling. Kirsten Dunst may not have won for her excellent performance as the rural housewife, who: "is a bit touched", but she takes top honors for best view of the night. She appeared on the red carpet with her big, beautiful, awesome, sumptuous and unsupported bosom on full display. Some may say Katie Perry was showing more, however, hers was a pushed up, mashed together display of cleavage artifice. I much prefer Kirsten's approach to boob bragging. Leave them unconstrained, so their beautiful, natural form can be appreciated - and they are beautiful. Hell, she was hot all around, but those boobs; man those booobs ... boobs. Bravo madam; for both your entertaining turn on Fargo and being the best reason to watch the red carpet arrivals.

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