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The age of Jessica Alba in a swimsuit continues

06.10.2016by: No Cool Handle

How do you define an era? - probably any way you see fit. Some my say this is the age of information technology, others may think time to be better defined by who their leaders are, or the solvency of the economy. So when I say the past decade is best represented by Jessica Alba in a swimsuit, I wouldn't exactly be wrong; would I? Thank the gods eras can run parallel; without the coinciding evolution of the internet era, there would have been no place big enough to house all of the Alba in a swimsuit pics. Today, Instyle magazine brings yet another in a long line of photo sets featuring Jessica's ageless ass donning... you guessed it, swimwear. Looks like the folks at Instyle subscribe to such notions as: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nothing groundbreaking here - or even the kind of pics we haven't seen a zillion times over - but hey, it's Jessica Alba in a swimsuit, a sign of the times.

Source: Instyle


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