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The absence of a bra makes Dakota Johnson a few shades hotter

02.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

The studio executives over at Universal have played a significant role in turning Valentine's Day – a holiday once reserved for celebrating love, and, as with most holidays, celebrating commerce – into nothing more than leverage. A way to not only pick the pockets of females who wish to explore their curiosity with bondage vicariously, but to transfer funds from their significant other's pocket as well. Just as Don Corleone couldn't refuse a request on the day of his daughter's wedding, no man can refuse to accompany his woman to 50 SHADES DARKER on Valentine's Day, lest he be denied some ass. For those who are overcome with grief at the thought of being single on Valentine's Day now have a reason the be thankful, for they need not worry about falling into that unavoidable trap. Better they sit in front of the computer and engage in some one-on-one time with these Dakota Johnson photos. Yes, enjoy the sight of her sexy, unsupported chest without the shitty acting, dialogue, directing and two hours of life-draining monotony.

Source: NS4W


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