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That's more like it, Amber Heard

04.20.2015by: Droz

Amber Heard has been all over the Tribeca Film Festival this year, showing off a couple of her movies that are apparently screening there. The results of this surge in Amber moments have been mixed as far as her red carpet attire goes. Nice to see her return to form for this latest appearance in support of her movie WHEN I LIVE MY LIFE OVER AGAIN. That's the Amber we all know and love right there, wearing a sexy dress and sexier faces and making love with her eyes to every camera in the joint. That's one amazing woman right there. Can't blame Johnny for keeping her mostly to himself since they got together. Really, once you have someone like Amber happy to ride your jock, there's little point in doing anything else but her. No more needless Pirate movies or derivative Tim Burton bloatfests. Better to just spend your days sucking high priced champagne off Amber's tender body and however many hot bisexual friends she has come along for the ride. That guy clearly did something very, very right and good in another life.

Source: Superior Pics


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