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Thanks to 138 Water for bringing Rey Robiin to our attention

10.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

Based off the limited results from a thorough Google search, it appears 138 Water has just introduced us to a fresh hottie. If Rey Robiin was already famous for something before this recently released spread, I couldn't find it; I kept getting hits on Red Robin – that tasty burger joint. Those familiar with 138 Water already know they usually draw from a pool of retired Playboy bunnies. This could be a sign that the manipulative water company is going to start enlisting rookies for their exploitative ads, and judging by their current recruit... that's exactly what they should be doing. The air of mystery surrounding this nice-looking neophyte only adds to the visual appeal. The only thing we really know about her is that she's smoking f**king hot and came out of the gate swinging. If Rey Robin was so willing to kick start her career with an immediate introduction to her nipples, then we can be sure there's some sexy shit still to come.

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