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Thank you kindly, Kindly Myers

03.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

In just a few pics, the marketing team at 138 Water have put everything a man needs - not wants, needs - into boner inspiring imagery; water and tits. These are two (or three, if you count both tits) biological imperatives no heterosexual male can live without. In THE BIG SHORT, Christain Bale plays a guy why saw the shit that made up the housing market and made a ton of greenbacks betting against it. His name is Michael Burry; since then he's [Burry] been focused on trading in one commodity. That commodity is the precious building block of all life... water. I'm thinking the guy is onto something. Between record droughts and 138 Water's ad campaign - a campaign where busty babes like Kindly Myers dump untold amounts of H2O all over their ass crack - water could soon be in short[er] supply. So when your finished drooling over the tight form of Ms. Myers, call you broker and tell them you're going long on water.

Disclaimer: Please don't consider my jest an actual tip and blow your wad on commodities; save that for these pics.

Source: Daily Star


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