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Thank God we live in an age where we can appreciate Blake Lively's breasts

04.20.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I like to consider myself someone who knows about movies, so why I haven't heard anything about this flick THE AGE OF ADALINE worries me. Am I losing my mojo? Is it a movie that I shouldn't concern myself with anyway? No matter what the reason may be, I haven't heard of the movie and I haven't heard about Blake Lively starring in it and honestly even if I did, I still might not check it out. I think she's a beautiful girl and I don't think she's bad at what she does, it's just her movies…aren't all that great. I'm sorry, Blake. If you're reading this, don't feel too bad. However, know that I think you're really pretty and I love your boobs which your thankfully showing off to the world at the premiere for the flick. This red dress of yours is truly showing us all what's to be appreciated in life. So thank you, Blake. And good luck with your movie. 

Source: The Superficial


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