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TGIFs: Touchy Feely Gifs (Exclusive)

05.10.2014by: Salacious Crumb

Happy Mother's Day to all you givers of life out there! I'm sure you stumbled upon this page on purpose. It's that time of year when things are winding down, school's almost out, tax season is over, and it's time to focus on the most important thing of all: family. Awwww... If you love your mom, you're probably overwhelmed with emotion right now. Normally, I would advise you to not be so "touchy feely", but today we're going to embrace that term. So let's set aside that box of tissues and direct our attention to some of our favorite touching moments in TV and film. On second thought, you might want to hang on to those tissues...

Christina Hendricks - "Mad Men"

If you don't get where we're going with this by now, this site clearly isn't for you. Who doesn't love a little Christina Hendricks? Even Christina Hendricks loves Christina Hendricks. At least that's the way it appears to be in this gif of Hendrick's lifting her natural weights in the mirror from "Mad Men". 


Here's a gif from a scene you can only see in the deleted scenes or extended edition of THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. The Farrelly Brothers comedy still holds up today, and speaking of which, here's Matt Dillon holding up Cameron Diaz's dirty pillows. Yeah, I guess this makes Dillon the first Lucky S.O.B. on this list. Here's another...

Ashley Tisdale - "Raising Hope"

I don't know of anyone, personally, who makes a point out of watching the Fox series "Raising Hope" on a weekly basis. It's an alright show that will occasionally make you laugh out loud, but it doesn't captivate you enough to leave you wanting more. That said, this scene featuring a guest appearance by HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL alumn Ashley Tisdale is very much captivating. It also makes "Hope" star Lucas Neff our Lucky S.O.B. #2.

Scarlett Johansson - HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU

There's not much to say here. SHE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU is only worth watching for the radiant Scarlett Johansson hotness, but not much else. She's like a tractor beam of beauty luring you to your enemy's ship. It's barely worth it, however, even if just for little moments like the one above. And yes, Bradley Cooper, you are easily Lucky S.O.B. #3 on this list.


Well, this is a hottie we haven't seen much of for quite some time. I was always one to think Eliza Dushku was a very attractive woman, but the image of her in that leather jumpsuit in JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK will forever be embeded in my skull. You have to make the squeeking sound effects on your own. Sorry.

Diora Baird - STAN HELSING

Diora Baird is known by most as the big-boobed chick in "that one movie". Chances are this isn't the movie they're referring to, but if STAN HELSING isn't lacking, it's boob jokes. Integrity, sure. Originality, definitely, but there are plenty of references to Diora's buxom figure to go around. Actually, this moment wasn't originally in the script (if there even was one). Apparently, Diora told Lucky S.O.B. #4 Keenan Thompson to add it in at the end of the scene. What a tough gig that must've been.

Jenna Fischer - BLADES OF GLORY

Will Ferrell is Lucky S.O.B. #4 in this gif from BLADES OF GLORY, featuring the adorably hot Jenna Fischer in some lingerie. I was caught up with "The Office" when this film came out, and the fact that Ferrell got to Pam's pom poms before Jim truly says a lot about Will's game. I mean, just check out that gnarly jacket.

Salma Hayek - DOGMA

Now it's time for a gif from another one of Kevin Smith's greatest, DOGMA. Salma Hayek plays Serendipity, which means "pleasant surprise" or "fortuitous happenstance" or... Who am I kidding? Boooooobs. (Yes, I have the mind of a 5th grader).

Megan Fox - THIS IS 40

Judd Apatow's latest THIS IS 40 was a slight disappointment, but it's despicable to complain about a movie where Leslie Mann gropes Megan Fox's breasts. I don't think we'll consider Leslie a Lucky S.O.B., on account that she's not a son. That doesn't change the fact that I'm insanely jealous.


Here we have it. Lucky S.O.B. #5: Adam Sandler. Adam probably hand-picked Jessica Biel for the role of the girl who's gelatinous gallons he'd get to personally take for a spin, and it doesn't help that his character is a womanizing sex addict. Still, you can't help but want to live vicariously through those hands in this tender moment.

We hope you all enjoyed these touching moments of cinema! Let us know below if you have any ideas or recommendations for future TGIFs columns. And once again, Happy Mother's Day!


Drool Back
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11:19AM on 05/11/2014
*Makes grabby hands* ScarJo's is cool; hope Diora Baird eventually moves on to better things because worse actresses (who aren't quite as hot either) have made it big.
*Makes grabby hands* ScarJo's is cool; hope Diora Baird eventually moves on to better things because worse actresses (who aren't quite as hot either) have made it big.
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