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TGIFs: The Top Ten Most Gif-Worthy Moments of 2014!

01.02.2015by: Salacious Crumb

The year 2014 may be a thing of the past now, but if there's one thing we've become used to doing with "TGIFs", it's repeating history over and over again, on a loop. That's why today we're bringing you our MOST GIF-WORTHY MOMENTS OF 2014. When taking consideration for gif-able events, of which took place only over the last year, it really puts things in perspective. It's not because there were so few moments that proved worthy, but rather, just too damn many. Of course, this isn't bad news, but if I missed a moment that was dear to you, please let us know in the comments, and I will do my best to gif-ifize it before the weekend is through. So, without further adieu, let's take our extensive time to ogle these animated occurances in the year 2014...

Honorable Mention: Emily Ratajkowski

It's not that there weren't enough gif-able moments brought to us by Emily Ratajkowski this year, it's more like there were too damn many. We might as well just dedicate one of these columns to her somewhere down the line (date TBD 2015-?). Still, this list wouldn't be complete without her, so here's a gif of Emily from behind, from behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot.

#10: Emily Blunt does a sexy pushup in EDGE OF TOMORROW

Why do I find Emily Blunt doing this yoga push-up thing so incredibly sexy? Perhaps it's because I find myself attracted to women who can defeat me in an arm wresting match. While at first I was disturbed by this newly-found fetish, I came to find many others dug this shot from EDGE OF TOMORROW, which was shown at least twice in the film, in case you missed it the first time.

#9: Rosamund Pike makes her great escape in GONE GIRL

Who would've expected to see a quality Rosamund Pike gif come out of the completely twisted character she portrayed in GONE GIRL? I know, if you put this gif in context with the movie, it's not a particularly "sexy" scene. However, there's no way in hell this moment with Pike's panties didn't momentarily distract every single man (or person for that matter) in the audience from the plot.

# 8: Kelly Brook gives her bosoms the great escape in her 2015 calendar

Whether you're a fan or not, there's simply no doubt that Kelly Brook provides us with some excellent GIF options every year, especially in November or December, when she's left with so little time to make her mark. The effort is what counts IMO, and the fact that Kelly has yet to let us down over the years at the very least grants her a spot on this list. And what lovely spots they are...

#7: Karen Gillan shakes her booty on SELFIE

It's safe to say that the hottish, Scottish babe Karen Gillan contaminated all of our hearts this year with her everlasting hotness (that is, of course, if her DOCTOR WHO years didn't already do it for you). While I'm nothing more than okay with the sitcom SELFIE, which premiered last Fall, I/we can only be thankful that Karen was willing to shake her ass around in black leather short shorts to get our attention. Well done, love!

#6: Eva Green was really, really naked in the sequel to SIN CITY

I think most movie fans would agree that our long-admired Eva Green was MVP last year when it came to getting nude on the big screen. In fact, some may say she went out of her way to get her boobs more on-screen time than any other actress in Hollywood who wasn't involved with porn. Naturally, we here at MovieHotties applaud this type of behavior, which is, at the very least, in need of a gif-style memorium.

#5: Rihanna and Shakira enjoy each other's company

Despite what you may think, J-Lo and Iggy weren't the only pop stars to appreciate each other's respective booties via music video this year. Booty-shaking connoisseur Shakira appeared alongside Rihanna in her music video "Can't Remember to Forget You", and the butt shot action on display was almost enough to make us remember to forget how crappy that song title was.

#4: Jennifer Lawrence got a leg up in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

I had to include this scene in the most gif-worthy moments of 2014, not just because I personally enjoy it, but because there was a surprising number of others who seemed to like it just as much. X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST delivered in a lot of ways, but the delivery of Jennifer Lawrence's many "Mystique ass shots" were just wonderful as well as plentiful. The funny thing is, the shot itself only lasts a few seconds, but those few seconds managed to make quite a huge impact on fans of this hottie, plus fans of movie hotties in general. On the other hand, what a sad waste of bourbon.

#3: Kate Upton bounces along the beach merrily

I know she's not everyone's cup of joe, but for those who've followed her career over the last few years in an admirable way, there's just no way this moment with Kate Upton from THE OTHER WOMAN can be disregarded. While the movie itself almost seems like the type of thing your pyschotic ex-girlfriend would buy into, the promotional aspect of the film relied heavily on Kate's bouncing knockers in a white bikini. Seeing how they shoved so much of it in the trailer, shouldn't they have just released a version with this moment on a loop?

#2: Jessica Alba returns to the stage in SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

Robert Rodriguez's long, long, long-awaited sequel to SIN CITY sort of snuck up on fans of the director's work, and many film fans didn't even bother to see it. However, if there's one memorable thing about the original, it's Jessica Alba's stripping sequence, which Rodriguez upped the hell out of the anty on in the follow-up. I think we really need to give a hand to Jessica for going balls to the wall with this role, despite her coming off like a prude in interviews ever since she became a professional mommy. Her kids should be very proud.

#1: Alexandra Daddario gets truly naked in TRUE DETECTIVE

(NSFW Bonus Image #1, NSFW Bonus Image #2)

While the first earth-shattering season of TRUE DETECTIVE is almost a year in the past, Alexandra Daddario's topless moment is one that will be cherished for years to come. The perfection of the display is what takes this moment from being your "typical nude scene" to a straight-up masterpiece. As our #1 hottie of 2014, I can't think of a hottie more deserving of a gif-able moment than Daddario in the last 12 months. Let's keep an eye out for anything that comes close to touching this moment in the coming year!

Extra Tidbit: What was your favorite gif-worthy moment of 2014?


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