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TGIFs: Soaking Wet Gifs Edition (Exclusive)

09.25.2015by: Salacious Crumb

This past week saw the official conclusion of summer, but the sun is still ablaze and people are looking for any excuse to dump pails of water all over themselves. Last year, we had the "ALS ice bucket challenge" excuse, but apparently that was a one time deal. It doesn't help that we're smack dab in the middle of a drought over here in California, making unreasonably massive quantities of H2O all the more desirable. Were you aware that the majesty of clear liquid has played a huge part in the history of cinema? Of course you were. How else would an idea like WATERWORLD ever have come to fruition? Let's not forget the way water has impacted the way we've perceived hotties doing scenes in the pouring rain, bath tubs and swimming pools. To get through this depressing transition into autumn, please take a minute to enjoy this compilation of soaking wet hotties... in GIF form!

Abigail Ratchford

Let's kick this thing off with American model Abigail Ratchford, who's shown here exiting a pool in a dripping-wet bikini. Ratchford may not be an official "movie hottie" per se, but she gives a good representation of what today's gifs consist of.

Leslie Easterbrook

Now we're not only moving on to a gif from a movie, but an '80's screwball comedy at that. POLICE ACADEMY 4: CITIZENS ON PATROL (1987), to be exact. I guess you have to enjoy a certain style of humor to be a big fan of this franchise, but you don't need to have a certain style of anything to enjoy this gif of Leslie Easterbrook. She makes CPR training look hotter than it already is.

Denise Richards

Here we have yet another swimming pool exit from Denise Richards in WILD THINGS (1998). Can you believe this movie had a budget of $20 million? Don't know how much of that factored into Denise's kissing scene with Nev Campbell... but needless to say, it was worth every penny.

Kerri Russell

What would a celebration of summertime wetness be without lawn sprinklers? Most of us just run through or around the sprinklers, but nope, not Keri Russell. She just likes to stand right in the action in her chopped-in-half wife-beater, as you can see in this gif from the teen romance flick EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (1997).

Alexandra Daddario

Onto a gif of a relatively newer movie hottie, the simply astounding Alexandra Daddario in the spooky/cheesy film THE ATTIC (2006). This was years before the "True Detective" babe made her mark in our hearts. Now we get to watch her use her forearm as a bra, before comedically failing to reach out for her towel, over and over (and over) again.

Jessica Biel

It'd be a shame to leave Jessica Biel out of this gathering of gifs, and thanks to Freddy Prinze, Jr., we don't have to. Here she is in the teen rom-com SUMMER CATCH (2001), quickly making her escape from a swimming pool and running in the rain, all in one gif! A twofer!

Raquel Welch

Time for yet another classic hottie, and she's the literally train-stopping Raquel Welch in 100 RIFLES (1969). Leading up to the finale of the film, she along with Burt Reynolds and Jim Brown figure out the perfect distraction, which involves Welch scrub-a-dub-dubbing herself under a leaking water tank. Dare I say, what a dirty girl.

Selena Gomez

23-year-old Selena Gomez may still seem to look a bit like Boo from MONSTERS INC. to some schmoes, but perhaps something as subtle as this gif will change that. Starting today, you can hear her voice in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2... or you can just stare at this gif all weekend. Some life choices are easier than others.

Charlotte McKinney

Some say real-life banned Barbie doll Charlotte McKinney is clinging onto her Carl's Jr. and Hardee's momentum for as long as possible. That's precisely why we're trying to savor it ourselves, because let's be honest, we'll miss her when she's gone. (Fingers crossed she receives a letter from

Alice Eve

Let's end this celebration of wetness with a double-feature, starring the lovely Alice Eve and her double-features. Before the official release of SEX AND THE CITY 2 (2010), movie nitpickers were ready to claim it would be the worst thing to ever happen in cinema. Then they were surprised with Alice getting splished and splashed next to a bath in revealing top, in slow motion nonetheless. Now that moment serves as the perfect bookend to this gif celebration of aqua in film!

Extra Tidbit: I'm thirsty.
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