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TGIFs: Red, White & Blue Gifs (Exclusive)

07.03.2015by: Salacious Crumb

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, which means you're probably preparing your belly for a feasting, your lawn for a scorching and your nostrils for all that sulfur dioxide! As most schmoes would agree, any holiday that results in a longer weekend is one worth celebrating. Although, perhaps now more than ever, Independence Day is far too important to go by without showing our appreciation. And what better way to do so than with a salute to Movie Hotties in red, white and blue? I can't think of anything more patriotic than that. So without further adieu, put on the appropriate background music, and let's look at some gifs that would make our founding fathers tear up with pride.

Jaime Pressly (DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE)

We'll start out with babe who's about as 'Merican as they come, Jaime Pressly, sporting the three primary colors in the form of a dripping wet bikini in DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. While born in North Carolina, Jaime actually began her career as a teenager modeling in and out of the United States. At age 15, she even had herself legally emancipated from her parents in order to travel to Japan and Europe for modeling gigs. That's pretty U.S.A. if you ask me.


It's nice to finally have a legitimate reason to feature one of my favorite actresses in a gif. Proudly, here's Naomi Watts dressed up as sexy Uncle Sam (or is that Samantha?) in I HEART HUCKABEES. Is this supposed to be some sort of hidden message anout propaganda and advertising? Probably. I know Naomi's a Brit, but it wouldn't a party without her, and besides, her fake American accent is more believable than my real one. 

Azealia Banks ("Liquorice" music video)

And now here's rapper/singer/songwriter Azealia Banks sucking on a Firecracker (classic July 4th popsicle) in the video for her single "Liquorice". Despite the stars and stripes get-up shown here, and the fact that her Twitter page currently has the American flag all over it, rumor has it that Banks isn't all that big a fan of the country itself. That's the exact same reason I wear my Fall Out Boy t-shirts.

Kate Upton (GQ photoshoot)

Bonus Firecracker gif.

As for hotties who have openly claimed to love anything and everything U.S.A., Kate Upton is near the top of that list. One of her biggest breaks in modeling was when an agency told her she was "so American, which is great!" She has an unconditional love for the country, although that's easy to do when you save so much money on bra taxes.

Erica Durance ("Smallville")

This one's for all you WB fans who came here prepared to endure some Erica Durance in a star-spangled two-piece. Anyone who desired the ladies of "Smallville" probably hasn't forgotten about this episode, where Lois Lane single-handedly discovered Superman's other weakness.

Emily Ratajkowski (Carl's Jr./Hardee's commercial)

Of course, you can't have a bunch of Independence Day gifs without including at least one Carl's Jr./Hardee's reference. The commercials would make you think they're the most American blood-feuled fast food joint on the planet. They do use the First Amendment to its fullest effect: getting Emily Ratajowski in a RW&B top to sell us future obesity. Damned if it doesn't work, too.

Katy Perry (Kids' Inaugural Concert)

Honestly, I felt like it wouldn't be right not to let Katy Perry celebrate along with us, as she's squeezed herself into so many red, white and blue costumes over the years. It would just be plain rude. After all, someone needs to provide the energy, and Perry is always excited. Just look how excited she is.

Michelle Williams & Kirsten Dunst (DICK)

The addition of this gif is probably a huge relief to fans of the 1999 politician comedy DICK, and mildly amusing to those who have no clue what the hell it is. The image ain't much, but it is a twofer, featuring both Michelle Williams (left) and Kirsten Dunst (right) wearing an American flag they cut up into pieces themselves. But as they say, it's not illegal if you "sew it back together".

Olivia Munn ("Attack of the Show")

Since she's celebrating her 35th birthday this weekend, we might as well bring Olivia Munn along for the ride as well. She's not complying with the requested red, white and blue dress code, but she is in front of an American flag. And is there anything more patriotic than watching Munn rub whipped cream all over herself in a sexy French maid costume? I think not.

That just about does it. Time to go blow my arms off lighting some Cobras and Killer Bees. Hope these gifs have made your Fourth of July a little more explosive, but in case you still feel underwhelmed, here's Phoebe Cates, Kelly Brook and Jessica Biel to show you out in their colored bikinis. Happy Independence Day!


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