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TGIFs: 8 Hot Tub Hottie Gifs!

02.20.2015by: Salacious Crumb

The sequel everyone but John Cusack knew would be coming, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2, can be seen in theaters this weekend. Naturally, that give us a much needed excuse to look at some gifs of hotties in hot tubs (like the one above of Fabiana Udenio as "Alotta Fagina" in the first AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY). I've never been crazy about hot tubs. They smell funky, they're often crowded, and sometimes they're so f*cking hot, it's like you're body is screaming for you to get out. That said, put any one of these following hotties in a jacuzzi and I will literally sit there until I evolve into an actual prune.

#8: Denise Richards

Celebrating her 44th birthday is Denise Richards, so let's start things off with this gif of Denise in a lovely black two-piece in the rom-horror VALENTINE. Say what you want about her own romantic history, we all have memories of Denise stored away in the filing cabinets of out brains. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Besides, there's not much a moving shot of Denise in a bikini won't erase from our memories momentarily.

#7: Elizabeth Gillies

Let's give a hand to Elizabeth Gillies for knowing the proper way to dress for a hot tub party. The ex-Nick chick presented some attitude at this behind-the-scenes interview with her fellow "Victorious" castmates, both with her facial expressions as well as her wardrobe. She looks absolutely gorgeous, even if she is giving me the same look I eventually received from every one of my latest speed-dates.

#6: Emma Stone

Emma Stone seemed to have the right idea as to how to behave in a warm jacuzzi. This is a gif from when she gave herself up as a virgin sacrifice at a keg party in THE HOUSE BUNNY. That's actually scorching hot lava she's supposed to be in, and she still maintains a cheerful attitude. Some may argue Anna Faris took this movie, but i say this is where Emma got her first chance to shine as a hottie.

#5: Victoria Silvstedt

And now, once-upon-a-time Playboy "playmate of the year" Victoria Silvstedt removes her bikini top across from Zach Galifianakis in his pre-HANGOVER days, back when everyone could only pronounce one syllable of his last name. Before Zach starred in raunchy comedies with references to heavy drinking in the film title, he starred in OUT COLD. Other than that tidbit, I have no recollection of the film itself, with the exception of the scene from which this gif is taken.

#4: Aubrey Plaza

I know this one's stretching the rules quite a bit, as it takes place in a regular tub and all, but I don't care. Even the biggest enthusiasts of the anti-enthusiastic Aubrey Plaza may have not known of her titillating appearance in the music video for "Rouse Yourself" by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, released in 2013. I myself allowed it to fly right over my head, so I'll have to stare at this gif for a year and a half just to make up for it.

#3: Tiffani Thiessen

We all know Tiffani Thiessen is a super crazy hot '90's babe who's still super hot today, but let's look at a gif of her younger self anyway. It does fit the them, after all. And even though her facial expression indicates she's as flustered as Elizabeth Gillies a few gifs back, at least a dip in the jacuzzi will help with those sore muscles.

#2: Malin Akerman

Figured we aught to have at least one "fish out of water" gif, even if that means slightly breaking the rules yet again. Swedish hottie Malin Akerman may as well do the honors as she makes the perfect exit in this gif from THE BROTHERS SOLOMON. You hate to see some actresses leave, but you love to watch them go. We can thank the director, the one and only Bob Odenkirk, for realizing that.

#1: Olivia Munn

We might as well top this off with some classic Olivia Munn hot tub madness, from the behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot she did for Maxim magazine back in the day. I'd like to meet whoever was in charge of the lighting in this video, because that's the only thing that comes as close to perfection as Olivia's swimsuit-wearing skills. Who knew the simple act of hanging out in a barrell full of steaming bubbles could be so much fun to watch from afar, or better yet, on a continuous loop in gif-form? Just goes to show you, location is key. Speaking of which, be careful what you stick in those air jet holes.


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