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TGIFs: 10 Girls Next Door (Exclusive)

02.14.2014by: Salacious Crumb

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Surely, you all have dates, right? Well, if not, here are 10 gorgeous movie gals you can spy on right from your bedroom window! Typically, TGIFs is a device we use to celebrate our favorite movie hotties with animated images, usually with a classy theme, like up-skirt shots or girls kissing each other. This week, in honor of the most romantic fake holiday of all, we'll be celebrating our favorite girls next door (or at least the ones that made for the best gifs)! Enjoy!

#10: Erica (8 DAYS A WEEK)

Sweet tits of Jabba, I had no idea Keri Russell was such a scorching, certified hottie until I finally caught her in 8 DAYS A WEEK. It's that movie where the guy from Weezer sits outside of a beautiful girl's home for a whole summer in the hopes of getting in her pants. SPOILERS: He does. Apparently, Felicity is pretty shagadelic. (By the way, I know the lead actor isn't the guy from Weezer... You can lower your fists of rage).

#9: Jill Johnson (SUPERHERO MOVIE)

So what if SUPERHERO MOVIE was another reincarnated turd from the same spoof-movie machine as all the other "MOVIE" movies? At least we got to see Sara Paxton take off her bra, even if it was only to reveal another bra... Yeah, f*ck you, spoof movies.

#8: Mrs. Rumsfield (THE 'BURBS)

Finally, a gif from a movie I personally love, THE 'BURBS, featuring the lovely Wendy Schaal as Mr. Rumsfield's wife, Bonnie. This scene, which you may not remember, features Corey Feldman commenting on the tan lines of the wife of a younger, fully-armed Bruce Dern right in front of him. That's pretty bold, but then again, we're talking about a guy who has the balls to go out and be Corey Feldman everyday.

#7: April Mercedes (STUCK ON YOU)

When it comes to movies about conjoined twins with vastly different hopes and dreams, STUCK ON YOU is definitely one of them. Speaking of twins, Eva Mendes is also in the movie, as a sexy lingerie model who lives in the same shitty apartment complex as said twins. Honestly, I've seen this movie more than once and don't remember much, because my eyes are usually stuck on her.

#6: Ashley (DISTURBIA)

What reason is there to leave the house when you have a pair of binoculars and Sarah Roemer next door in a bikini? None. There are no better circumstances to be under house arrest in. DISTURBIA is yet another movie where some guy creeps on his neighbor, and winds up snagging her at the end. What gives? Oh, right, it's because he's "the beefcake".


When you run into the girl you used to babysit, who is now barely legal, is it creepy to find her attractive? AMERICAN REUNION experimented with that hypothetical situation, and ultimately answered "No, not at all, and you should definitely try to sleep with her". Whatever the case, it proved that if that girl is Ali Cobrin, you don't even need to think twice.

#4: Ramona Flowers (SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD)

Okay, so she's not technically a "neighbor", perse, but she's in town... Besides, if you think I'm going to leave out Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers on Valentine's Day, you've got another thing comin'. She basically contains all the essentials of a "girl next door", being mysterious, sexy, unique, and getable so long as your willing to fight. Plus hairdye.

#3: Penny ("The Big Bang Theory")

I didn't want to feature more than one sitcom hottie on this list, and it was a long debate between Laura Prepon ("That '70's Show") and Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory"). In the end, it had to go to *knock*knock*knock" Penny, who just has so many wonderful gif-worthy moments. Surely this moment has already been made into an animated image, so why not tweek it a little?

#2: Mary Jane Watson (SPIDER-MAN)

We know, you saw this coming right from the get-go, but it's for that reason Mary Jane Watson easily deserves a place on the list of girls next door. Whatever your opinion is of Kirsten Dunst now, in 2002, she starred in one the highest-grossing films of all time, and you can't say this moment from the trailer didn't have the slightest impact on that. Everyone's Spidey senses were tingling that day.

#1: Danielle (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR)

I wouldn't have it any other way, and I don't just mean the position Elisha Cuthbert's in in this gif from THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. There's something oddly romantic about a porn star who falls in love with a high school virgin, am I wrong? It might not be your girlfriend's favorite rom-com, but it certainly moved many of us movie lovers... in more ways than one, of course.

Extra Tidbit: I haven't known anyone to ever wind up dating their next door neighbor. Have you?


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