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TGIFs: Cheerleader Edition (Exclusive)

02.01.2014by: Salacious Crumb

The time of endless potato chips, expensive beer commercials and halftime power outages is finally upon us. Of course, I'm referring to the NFL Super Bowl XXLMFBO this Sunday. Good times will be had watching a bunch of muscleheads send each other to the hospital, but if enough time goes by without unexpected ambulance arrivals, things can get pretty slow at times. Luckily, cheerleaders will be there to distract us when that time comes. Who doesn't love cheerleaders? Only Nazis and baby punchers, that's who! To show our appreciation for the artform of cheer, let's take a look at these 10 gifs of cheerleaders from movies and television...

#10: The Kickoff

I have no f*cking clue who this woman is, but she's doing a terrific job cheering toward an empty stadium. This gif is taken from the adventure-sex-comedy DEEP IN THE VALLEY, which is a must-see for enjoyers of nudity and movies with nudity. There's no nudity here, but it's a nice way to kick this thing off.

#9: Maria Bello

In case you wanted to know how well the milftastic Maria Bello still fills out her old cheerleading uniform, the answer is "pretty damn well". In this gif, Maria is standing across from a very lucky Viggo Mortensen in A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. I don't know which team she's rooting for, but I think in this case, everybody wins.

#8: Carmen Electra

Now it's time to take a trip to the '70's, or at least the way director Todd Pillips envisioned the '70's in STARSKY AND HUTCH (2004). Maybe it wasn't the most laugh-out-loud hilarious film, but at least it featured Carmen Electra and Amy Smart doing a sexy cheer routine. It also features a splendid locker room scene with Playboy playmate Brande Roderick, so there you go.

#7: Mila Kunis

Speaking of the feel good decade, here's the lovely Mila Kunis in a gif from "That '70's Show". I know it's not a movie, but she is a hottie who's in movies. I don't think there will any complaints. This moment stuck in my memory for a long time, and I had to do a lot of digging to find the clip, but it was worth it. You're welcome, universe.

#6: Krista Allen and some random hotties

And now a gif from one of my all-time guiltiest of pleasures: BASEKETBALL. It may be one of David Zucker's worst films, which is saying a lot, but it's overflowing with hot cheerleaders doing raunchy dance routines. In other words, I love this movie. We have yet to find hard evidence that it's Jennifer Love Hewitt's cousin in the middle, but that is popular '90's hottie Krista Allen on the right, shaking her pom poms. And by "pom poms" you know what I mean.

#5: Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs

Word on the street is there are quite a few "Community" fans around these parts, or more specifially, fans of Alison Brie and/or Gillian Jacobs. The battle between Annie and Britta appears to see no end in sight, but I think members of both teams will get a kick out of this gif. Once again, everybody wins.

#4: Clare Kramer

Here's a gif you definitely won't find anywhere else, because I re-edited the clip to make it especially awesome. I was going through puberty when I saw BRING IT ON for the first time, so of course, it changed my life. As much as I enjoyed watching Dunst and Dushku jump around, my biggest crush of all was Clare Kramer. Talk about a tragically underrated hottie from the get-go.

#3: That random hottie from HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS

If you're a fan of sex-comedies from the early '80's, you may remember this little moment from HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS. During a group of cheerleaders' rendition of "Razzle Dazzle", the audience gets both razzled and dazzled when they notice one of the girls seems to have forgotten something. It's probably in Tony Danza's trailer.

#2: The Replacements

Hey, look! Cheerleaders from a movie that's actually about football! Who'da thunk it? Keanu Reeves made an odd carreer choice when he jumped from learning kung fu in cyberspace to reassembling a failed football team in THE REPLACEMENTS. Let's be honest, most of us saw this movie because we wanted to professional strippers become cheerleaders. That's actually not such a bad recruitment option.

#1: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Some of you may be surprised by my choice for number one, but that's probably because they're not as sickly infatuated with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as I. In DEATH PROOF, Mary is an actress playing an actress who plays a cheerleader, which was probably just Quinten Tarantino's excuse to film her in a revealing skirt. Somewhere out there, there's a whole reel of takes of just this shot in which Quentin removed the prop soda can. "Just keep digging for it, Mary!"

Extra Tidbit: Hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl weekend! Any suggestions for future TGIFs?


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