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TGIFs: 8 Hypnotizing Ass GIFs

10.11.2013by: Salacious Crumb

In this day and age of cutting-edge technology, innovation and a society of people glued to the internet, what has brought joy to our everday lives more than Graphics Interchange Formats? Or GIFs, rather. As superior beings, we have used the tool of automatic moving images on the web for the greater good. We can now easily share important footage with each other, whether it's a monkey peeing in his mouth, a seagull shoplifting a bag of Cheetos, or in today's case, 8 hypnotizing rump-related moments from top-shelf hotties. Here, you can lose yourself in the trance of never-ending booties, and you don't even have to hit the replay button over and over (and over).

#1: Cameron Diaz makes Spidey dizzy in CHARLIE'S ANGELS

An oldie but a goodie. This moving image has been around pretty much since I've ever known video GIFs to exist, and with good reason. CHARLIE'S ANGELS came out in the year 2000, and featured Cameron Diaz gratuitously shaking her ass in Spider-man undies. It was random, but I could hardly wait to get the DVD and put that scene on instant replay. Is it a coincidence that the SPIDER-MAN movie was released the very next summer (2001) and broke box-office records? Well played, Columbia Pictures, well played.

#2: Jessica Biel makes some adjustments

When compiling a list of memorabel ass shots in cinema, there's no point in excluding a low-brow comedy film. Even if that film is I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY. If there's one thing Adam Sandler's lemonade stand of a production company does right, it's scenes like this, where Jessica Biel walks into her home soaking wet, only to undress and reveal one of the single greatest asses ever caught on film. I couldn't help but include a close-up shot. You're welcome.

#3: Kate Beckinsale blinds us with her bum in WHITEOUT

Here's the anatomically spectacular Kate Beckinsale preparing for her gratuitous shower scene in WHITEOUT. What a pleasant way to open a film starring the beautiful Brit with a bedazzling rear-end. Let's just sum this up with a quote from the late, great Hank Schrader: "Chick's got an ass like an onion... Makes me wanna cry".

#4: Jessica Alba's booty is a good luck charm

We've seen this one before, but it certainly deserves a spot on this list. Dane Cook's fame came and went along with GOOD LUCK CHUCK, but the image of Jessica Alba wiggling her hypnotic bum in panties will stick in my head forever. Proceed with caution, however, or your brain may turn off staring at this wonderful GIF until the next Super Bowl (wait, would that be so bad?).

#5: Vanessa Ferlito's trunk is DEATH PROOF

Figured I might as well throw in at least one GIF from a good movie, so why not go with Vanessa Ferlito prepping for Kurt Russell's seductive dance in DEATH PROOF? It's a damned crying shame that the scene wasn't included in the theatrical "GRINDHOUSE" release. It'd have been nice to remember seeing on a big screen. Oh well, at least it's out there now, and we can gawk at this two-for-one GIF of Vanessa slowly gyrating her hips in front of a jukebox.

#6: Vanessa Hudgens nearly gives Jay Leno a heart-attack

This one's another twofer, and another Vanessa! Vanessa Hudgens was probably completely oblivious to the impact she made under Jay Leno's desk when she busted out with some rump-tastic dance moves during her guest appearance on "The Tonight Show". Vanessa, the youngest gal on the list, seemed to lack any stage fright whatsoever when started shaking her "thang", as they say, on late-night television. Fun fact: this GIF can also be used as a metronome. Just follow the bouncing ass...

#7: Michelle Trachtenberg retrieves her soda in EURO-TRIP

There are some hotties who have but one defining a moment, when their hotness reaches its peak. For ex-Nickelodeon star Michelle Trachtenberg, that peak was in the 2004 movie EURO-TRIP. That isn't to say she still isn't lookin' fine today, but I'll never forget this particular scene, when she bends down to wait patiently for a can of sugary cola. This was the moment where I no longer saw her as "Harriet, the spy", but instead recognized her as Michelle, the hottie. I could sure go for a drink right about now.

#8: Jennifer Lopez puts the "ass" in "classic"

What better way to round out a tribute to celebrity butts than with the original booty queen herself, Jennifer Lopez? This is a snippet from one of her latest music videos; I didn't bother to look up the name (sorry). At least now you can enjoy the view J-Lo's backyard without having to hear her menacing music over it. With the psychadelic lighting in the background, and the zoom-in to the booty, this GIF just might be the most hypnotic/trancing of them all.

Extra Tidbit: You're getting very sleepy...


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