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TGIFs: Top 8 Banana & Ice Cream GIFs (Exclusive)

12.06.2013by: Salacious Crumb

After a long week of eating leftovers from Thanksgiving, getting food off your mind can be an onerous task. The holiday season itself often leads to people suddenly getting over their gluten allergy, and warming their bodies with sugar cookies and chocolate pudding. Luckily for us, even the hottest of movie hotties have been known to have a sweet tooth, as well. So I figured we'd use this week's TGIFs to celebrate hotties as they wrap their lips around suggestive foods, like bananas and ice cream. Naturally, considering the subject matter, this particular column may not feature segments from the classiest films. I'll try to throw in at least one movie that doesn't suck. Deal? Here are 8 mega-hot banana and ice cream gifs!

#8. Jessica Alba in GOOD LUCK CHUCK

I thought we might start off with something innocent. Here's a gif featuring Jessica Alba with an ice cream cone, which despite this very obviously suggestive poster for the movie, she doesn't take a single taste in the whole scene. Not one. Way to make use of your props like a professional, Alba! She sure is cute, though.

#7. Jaime Bergman on "Son Of The Beach"

"Son Of The Beach" may not ring a bell if you weren't allowed to watch cable before 2002. Luckily, I was, and for some reason kept this memory stored in my brain. Of course, I'm speaking of B.J. Cummings (as portrayed by Jaime Bergman) enjoying a banana after a hard workout. I'm about to have a hard workout myself.


When April Scott was cast as Daisy Duke in the direct-to-dvd prequel, DUKES OF HAZZARD: THE BEGINNING, I remember the thunderous sound of crickets chirping over the dead silence. Of course, it was only natural for a couple decent "hot" scenes to wind up on YouTube. This scene involves Daisy Duke creating one of her classic "distractions" by spilling ice cream all over herself.

#5. Roselyn Sánchez in BOAT TRIP

We all know Cuba Gooding Jr. is known for his comedic talent, right? No? Oh. Well, there are probably better ways to spend your time than by watching BOAT TRIP. However, it does meet our criteria for this week's TGIFs. So here's Roselyn Sánchez doing suggestive stuff with a banana. Your welcome. 

#4. Alison Brie in a GQ photoshoot

Now it's time we say hello to a hottie who's no stranger to the gif universe, Alison Brie, who was served a cold desert on the set of a photoshoot for GQ. Brie usually can't help but expose her "silly" side in these things, but apparently she decided to go full-on come hither as she was licking this ice cream cone. Mother of god.

#3. Jenna Fischer in WALK HARD : THE DEWEY COX STORY

Anyone who saw WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY and claims to not remember this scene is a liar (and they never once paid for drugs. Not once!). There was a time I thought "The Office" star Jenna Fischer was the hottest thing on the planet, and it was partly due to this tender moment of a montage as she sang "Let's Duet" with John C. Riley. Those were good times.

#2. Sophie Monk in DATE MOVIE

This gif needs no introduction... 

#1. Ali Larter in VARSITY BLUES

Now for the cherry on top (I couldn't help it). I know this scene with Ali Larter wearing whipped cream on her naughty parts in VARSITY BLUES doesn't technically include real "ice cream". You know what? I don't care. I caught this movie this last week and was filled with nostalgic joy as Ali presented herself as a hot, hot, hot fudge sunday to that "Dawson's Creek" guy. This scene was one of the best things my teenaged body had endured back in 1999, and it still holds up today.

Extra Tidbit: I think I've got brain freeze.


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