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Teresa Palmer in a see-thru dress looks as lovely as it sounds

12.09.2015by: No Cool Handle

Teresa Palmer made her appearance known at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (jeez, that's a bit long-winded isn't it). The good news: the top of her dress was completely see-through. The bad news: she remembered to wear a bra; not that dampened my enthusiasm towards these photos. This hottie from down under looks simply stunning. What's also stunning is a promotional photo for the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation 'The Choice'. The good news: it appears the movie will contain a lot of hot ladies hanging at the beach; by hot ladies I mean this Kristen Stewart look-alike, Alexandra Daddario and Maggie Grace  – that's an all-star roster of hot. The bad news: although that will require them to appear in bikinis, the movie will most likely be rated PG-13 and contain soap opera style sex scenes. 

Source: NSFWDaily Mail


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