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Teresa Palmer goes dark, talks about motherhood in Elle Australia

01.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I would have thought that the pointless POINT BREAK remake would have been in the top box office turkeys for last year but I'm pondering if its Christmas debut saved it from completely shitting the bed before the 2015 tallies came out. I can't find a single person that I know who went to go see the film (without being paid to do a review about it). That still doesn't deter me from loving Teresa Palmer, one of the exceptionally beautiful actress who hails from Australia. If I ever get around to watching the film, I anticipate her being the best thing about it, something she tends to do in pretty much every film she's ever in. We might not be seeing as much of Teresa if she gets her wishes to expand on her brood; In the February 2016 issue of Elle Australia, Palmer talks about her love of motherhood, saying, "It's just been my obsession forever...I love it so much I want to have six children." Teresa joined the MILF club when she gave birth to son Bodhi almost 2 years ago and has been given admittance into the extended breast feeder enthusiast club as well as she proudly has been seen still nursing her toddler. As for the darker hair here in this photoshoot, I've got to say I'm not a fan, preferring Teresa blonde (I feel the opposite about Rachel McAdams, whom I would love to see return to her RED EYE hair color). 
Source: Daily Mail


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