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Taylor's girl Karlie rides a bike in stilettos like a Kloss for NYC photosho

07.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Only a few days prior to prancing about New York City, riding a bike in stilettos with no hands, Karlie Kloss was hanging out in Rhode Island with her best buddy Taylor Swift and a bunch of other hot model friends. Out of all of Swift's "squad" that I report on, it's always Kloss who seems the most authentic, a down-to-Earth kind of girl who happens to be over 6 feet tall with a career in modeling. Karlie has been stepping back from her role in front of the camera, spending more time in a classroom than on a set, but with this being summer and all, I suppose she's doing what she needs in order to pay tuition. No word on whether or not we'll see this tall drink of water back in bra & panties for Victoria's Secret but I'm sure we'd all be OK with more bikini action over at Tay-Tay's compound.
Source: InStyle


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