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Taylor Swift's hotness continues to thwart any attempt at disliking her

10.15.2015by: Droz

I think the thing that makes me hold on to a modicum of discontent where Taylor Swift is concerned is the persistent need many have to hang on her every word, now that she's apparently the last holdout where success in music goes. Every tweet she puts out there somehow becomes a news-worthy statement and every little thing she does with her career a new turning point in entertainment. I simply don't find her that important. I've never bothered to listen to any of her songs all the way through and I couldn't care less what she has to say about anything. The one area where I do give Taylor some attention is her sex appeal. While she's not exactly my cup of tea where body shape goes, for a skinny girl she's okay. Time seems to be refining her sexual overtones in a positive way, taking her from pencil thin to something approaching a feminine shape. I suspect that if she took a chance and actually let herself develop a natural body, she'd become a true knockout, worthy of some of that worship she gets. Maybe the next album.

Source: GQ


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