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Taylor Swift keeps that cute belly button under wraps in Maui

01.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor
She's not growing on me, I promise. No matter how many times Taylor Swift takes to the helm of a boat and poses with three girls in a random band (The Haim Sisters - I am so out of touch, I actually thought Taylor had found three of Corey's siblings and taken them on vacation with her) in a bikini, showing off that belly button she normally keeps so tightly under wraps, I swear I will not succumb to the 22 Red side. Although Swift pulls off that grandma swimsuit, all that long torso and endless legs of her, I gotta say. While there have been other actresses and singers who have tried to swing the dowdy thing, there's something even - dare I say? - becoming about it on TayTay. Not that I'm succumbing. I'M NOT SUCCUMBING!

Source: Daily Mail


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