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Taylor Swift is back to either annoy you or annoyingly arouse you

02.02.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Man, people sure do hate them some Taylor Swift. I don't know whether it's her insanely annoying, but disturbingly enjoyable music that's seemingly always on the radio. Perhaps it's how she acts in public or the way she wears weird, hipster clothes all the time or all the gossip that surrounds her and her other kind of annoying, but extremely attractive famous friends. Whatever the case may be, I'm not too sure. She doesn't really annoy me, I guess, but I have to imagine if we met in real life, we would probably dislike each other. She'd see my humor as weird and vile and creepy and I'd probably think she was a self important, boudgie kind of gal who doesn't give anyone a chance unless they literally bow down to her. But we don't know each other, so I think she's just fine. Does that make any sense? I'm not sure, but whether you like her or not, she's here to stay for a while if the billboard charts have anything to say about it. Her appearances in magazines aren't hurting her situation, either. In this case, she is appearing in the Italian issue of something called Grazia Magazine. I don't understand anything that's said on the cover or within the descriptions inside, but maybe they're talking about her amazingly long legs or her deep, blue eyes or her…she's absolutely sexy. I don't care what anyone else thinks! So, when I eventually flip my desk over in an insane stupor and start dancing naked to Shake It Off, it should make a little more sense to everyone who has yet to be taken over by the Swift bug. 

Source: Celebmafia


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